Sugar and Spice is a metaphor. Of course.

Day two without medication. Yesterday I had something of a revelation. All along I've been writing on this blog about diet as it pertains to health. And how ultimately I want to be med free and the only way to do that is to be gluten and dairy free and low in sugar. But the meds were working and I was feeling fine eating gluten every day so why would I stop?? Well because the meds worked temporarily and then went bad and that's what will keep happening if I go that route. So guess what. It's time to go gluten free... again. (are you totally sick of hearing this? yeah? sorry..)

The thing is, most of the food in my house is gluten free. The only thing I buy each week that contains gluten is a loaf of bread. But I eat it every day. And when I go out to eat I eat whatever I want. I don't go out to eat that often. Since I've been unemployed I've actually eaten quite well and that will continue. So what I'm saying is, this is not an earth shattering thing.

I found this new (to me) gf bread at the health food store yesterday that is chock full of whole grains. It's 150 calories per slice!!! Yeesh, but it is packed with nutrients. And it's expensive and there aren't many slices in the package. I bought it just to get me through. I eat a lot of eggs and toast and this will replace my regular bread. I only eat one slice at a time anyway. I'm looking forward to trying it and will give my review when I do.

Someone tweeted today about Big Mac sauce containing gluten, I very rarely eat at McDonald's but this prompted me to take a look at their allergy info. I know that some people think that their french fries are GF, but beware, they are definitely not. Not only that, they also contain dairy! Gross. But what's worse than that? Their grilled chicken breast contains gluten!! Their beef is 100% pure beef, yet their chicken contains all sorts of additives, including hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat proteins. Blech. I'm no fool, I know fast food restaurants serve gross food, but you don't even realize how gross until you read the ingredients lists. I know that if I were in a bind, and needed to go through the drive-thru, my instinct would be to get a plain chicken breast. Boy would I be wrong. I'd be better off getting a slab of beef... just don't put any Big Mac sauce on it!


sallybranwyn said…
Doh! I'm glad I made a TON of sweets for my party, then. Oh well, it's all GF. Hah!

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