A week of failures.


What a week... This picture sums up my frustration this week. The other day, all I wanted was cornbread. Version one, Bob's Red Mill, was a failure. I had some various flours hanging around, so I decided last night to bake Carol Fenster's version. Failure #2. Yesterday, between breakfast and dinner, I ate nothing but an apple and Glutino pretzels. By dinner I was shaking so badly I thought I'd surely pass out. Today I am feeling achy and gurgly and just yucky. At lunch time I wanted something warm and savory. I found a package of Thai Kitchen Spring Noodles in the cabinet so I cooked them up, tasted them.. and they tasted funny. Looked at the package "best if used by November 2008" uhhhh.. oops. Next I found a package of rice, it's Carolina rice so automatically I think, safe. So I absentmindedly cook the rice and when the timer goes off twenty minutes later, I lift the lid to stir... this is not yellow saffron rice, this is rice pilaf. Unsafe. Defeated, I grab a bowl of Koala Crisps. Not what I was looking for, but safe and easy and it worked. I'm sorry to be a downer this week but even though I've been doing this on and off for 3 years, right now it feels like the first time. I know it will get better. Right now I'm going to make some meatloaf (I'm praying that my Gillian's bread crumbs are ok!) and that always helps!


Raw'r! Food! said…
sorry to hear about your gluten free blunders this week! Keep trying! Some great corn bread mix is "the cravings place" ->http://www.thecravingsplace.com/ love all their mixes, or make it from scratch using corn meal.

Casbah makes a gluten free jasmine saffroned rice and lunburg farms makes tons of gluten free risotos.

Also, when ur in a hurry, Annie's Kitchen makes TONS of yummy gluten free frozen entrees if u havent heard of them already- burritos, rice and veggie bowls, macaroni, pizza, lasagna, shepards pie, etc. lots of comffort foods and savory dishes.

also mashed root veggies and sweet potatos or beans or lentils and rice with curry powder i always find really comforting and savory.

Hope that helps!
Raw'r! Food! said…
also- the reason why ur spring noodles may have tasted funny - i dont know if uve ever had them before...but i found that the bangkok curry and the lemongrass and chili were the only ones that didn't taste "funny"

Thai Kitchen's Pad Thai is VERY tasty and easy to make as well! I've seen it sold at walgreens.

Happy eating, do not dispair!
Jen said…
Carolina Rice has gluten free mixes too, I just happened to have the wrong one on hand lol. Thanks for all the suggestions!!! I usually like the spring onion soup but I knew this one tasted funny. I definitely need to stock up on some frozen meals for quick fixes in situations like these!!
Cindy said…
If it makes you feel better I had a fail in the kitchen this week too. I was making mini brownies for a GF bake sale on Saturday and the things stuck so bad in the pan that I couldn't even chisel them out. They with the pan were thrown out. Here's to a better cooking week!
Kristina said…
Oh man, its so hard when you start out, even if this is another attempt and you are full of knowledge. Those pretzels have soy in them and some people (myself included) don't always tolerate it well. Soups and stews, keeping the carbs low, helps with the transition.
Good luck and a giant hug cause its no fun to have a gurgley gut and nothing to eat.
Jen said…
Cindy- Oh my gosh, that sounds awful!! Poor thing!

Kristina- Good point about soy, I do try to be aware of how much of it I eat, I am not a big fan of soy either. And THANKS for the hug :)

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