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Very recently, Jason Leitman started the Crohn's Disease Support Network to give us Crohnies a place to go to support each other and socialize and also to help raise awareness for Crohn's Disease. The group has already gained over 300 members! It's a fun place for people with Crohn's or people who know other people with Crohn's to go for information and support and I love it. I've been on a few different Crohn's Disease message boards and things like that and for the most part I find them to be very negative. A lot of people just complaining about their sad situation. CDSN is more of a place where people are not letting CD get them down, the mood is almost always upbeat and happy. I highly recommend you check it out by clicking the box above. You can also follow CDSN on Twitter @CrohnsDiseaseSN and if you're not already doing so, follow me! @MySugarAndSpice :)


Liz said…
That's fantastic, Jen. The more support, the better!

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