Let's talk about sugar again.

Sugar Packet

Remember my old blog header? My first one lol. Anyway this picture describes perfectly what I'm dealing with right now. The holidays set me way back on the sugar front. I'm in full on addiction mode. I went to Whole Foods the other night and walked out of there with KinniToos and a big bar of rice milk chocolate and then last night I picked up some coconut milk ice cream and chocolate syrup. I had an ice cream sundae last night. I used to eat like this ALL the time and last night I was thinking to myself "how on earth did I eat like this before??" I felt horrible!! And I used to eat the whole pint of ice cream, last night I just had a small serving! Just think of the damage I was doing...

Anyway, Kerrie asked me what sugar subs I use and honestly, I have still been using regular old sugar. I do have agave and pure maple syrup in the house but lately I haven't even been thinking about that. Honestly, the goal in my low sugar quest is to avoid baked goods as much as possible. Agave and maple syrup and honey are all less processed forms of sugar, but they are still sugars.

This year now that I'm in remission and off meds, my biggest goal is to really focus on optimal health. I'm starting to study again for my personal trainer certification and I really want to set a good example, practice what I preach. I've come a long way in my health and well-being journey and I'm not going to start going backwards now. I'm in a great place and excited to keep moving forward!


Kerrie @ TFK said…
Right now, we are trying to break our addictions to HFCS.....we feel better not ingesting it...it's shocking how much stuff has corn syrup in it! (Ketchup!!!)
Farty Girl said…
Girl, you have come a long way already! It's so hard to give up the white stuff. It sounds like your body is starting to do the choosing for you. That's awesome. Go Jen's bod!

Whenever I check out strictly vegan blogs and strictly gluten free blogs, I'm amazed at how tough it is for the rest of us who give up food due to medical restrictions PLUS diet according to fitness and beliefs. Hang in there and keep at it. Do whatever makes you feel good.

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