Review: Glow Gluten Free Cookies!!

Well, just as I pressed "Publish Post" on my sugar rant, the postman dropped off a package. Although I must admit, I knew it was coming. I guess the sugar detox will have to wait another day because in the package was:

Glow gluten free cookies!!


Jill from Glow Gluten Free was kind enough to send me a free sampler pack of all four kinds of cookies that she makes. These cookies are gluten free, casein free, trans fat free, preservative free and all natural. Just the way I like them. Of course I dove right in and tried one of each. I couldn't resist. They looked soooooo good. And I was definitely not disappointed!!


In my haste to catch the last sliver of delicious sunlight for my photo, I dropped the plate of cookies. And then promptly put them back on the plate and took the photo. I still didn't get the light I wanted. That is why they are broken, they were all intact when they arrived. There are four different varieties. I'll talk about each one.

The first, my all-time favorite, is the Double Chocolate. Crunchy, chocolately deliciousness. You know those little 3 packs of Peggy Lawton cookies? I LOVE them, and these remind me of those. Without all the junk. So yummy!

Next up I tried the Chocolate Chip. In the brochure Jill dares me to put some ice cream between two of these babies. I wish I had read that first because these are the perfect ice cream sandwich cookies. I even have a pint of coconut milk mint ice cream in the freezer. I know what I'm doing tomorrow... These were excellent.

Then it as on to the Snickerdoodle. The first bite of this cookie took me to a place I've wanted to go for a loooong time. Let me explain. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and I've been craving it hard. This cookie tastes JUST like CTC!! I swear tomorrow morning I'm breaking up two of these cookies and eating them out of a bowl with almond milk. Fantastic!

And finally, the Gingersnap. I've only recently begun eating ginger snaps, and really the only ones I've ever eaten are Mi Del GF Ginger Snaps which I love. These Glow GF ginger snaps are the real deal. They taste like fresh grated ginger. It's a little overwhelming for me, but it's still a great cookie. If you're a ginger lover, these are legit.

The bottom line is this - if you served these to your gluten eating guests, they would love them. You'd never have a clue that these are gluten and casein free. They are all delicious, crispy, crumbly (not in a bad way) high quality, wonderful cookies. I highly recommend them!! Thanks Jill for sending these my way!

Oh, and btw, I'm also a packaging junkie, I LOVE the brand design and packaging of these!


Allie said…
LOOOVE the packaging! YUM said…
Your photos look amazing.
Anna said…
those cookies look AMAZING! how about a giveaway?? though that might derail my sugar-detox too!
Jen said…
Thanks CeliacTips!

Ooh, a cookie giveaway, great idea Anna! I'll see what I can do!
sallybranwyn said…
Totally love the packaging, too. It's modern and youthful and clean. Also...bring some on Saturday, wouldya? ;)
Jen said…
It's a little early for giveaways for GGF, but look for one potentially in a the spring! In the meantime, get over to and order some!!
Liz said…
Yuuuuum. I've had their cookies before and they're great. And the packaging IS awesome.

I'm starting the sugar detox on Monday :/

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