Review: Kinnikinnick Breads


A while ago I noticed that Stop & Shop started carrying a ton of Kinnikinnick products. Muffins, breads, donuts... cinnamon and sugar coated donuts... oh my gosh the donuts. Right. So anyway, it's a bit annoying to have to go to a minimum of two different stores to buy all of my groceries. I'm happy to see that Stop & Shop is really stepping up the stocking of the gluten free shelves and freezer cases.

In the past month or so I've had the white sandwich bread, italian bread, and hamburger rolls. The three different breads basically tasted the same. I love the italian bread or white sandwich bread for toast with eggs, or a small sandwich. The hamburger buns are great for a small hamburger or a sandwich. This pic is of a hamburger roll with chicken salad inside. Yum! These breads come frozen and definitely need to be toasted. The flavor is good, not to much of that gluten-free flavor, with a hint of sweetness.


Liz said…
LOVE all of your recent photos. Great stuff, Jen.

I'm glad to hear S&S is carrying more. Have you had Kinnikinnick maple donuts... I am OBSESSED.

P.S. Can't wait to see you manana!
Kerrie @ TFK said…
What are you using as sugar subs?

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