Dreaming of Summer

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It has been a pretty easy winter so far but we still have a good 8 weeks of it left here in Boston. I'm dreaming of summer... hence the photo. Sometimes do you ever just want to take a break? I know that sounds strange because I'm unemployed and have had nothing but one long break for the past five and a half months. What I mean is that I've been doing endless research lately on autoimmune disease and diet. I have been thinking about going back to school so that I could work with people that need to be on a special diet but could use some extra help. So I've been reading and writing and talking a lot about it all. Lately I've been feeling crappy and I started to wonder if there's a connection. When you think too much about your health problem, does it make it worse? I think it most certainly can. But I've also noticed that since I've been so strict with the gluten and dairy, my issues with sugar are much more pronounced. I also realized that I have become sedentary. I used to walk to and from work every day but now most of my time is spent sitting. I have been avoiding the gym as well because I'd been feeling run down. What I realized is, I feel run down precisely because I haven't been working out! Because I sit on my butt alllll day every day! It's no wonder I have zero strength or energy left. I finally got back to it this week and tonight I rocked it. I usually stick to the machines but tonight I played with the big boys in the free weight room. They don't intimidate me, I'm a trainer for crying out loud, but sometimes it's really crowded in there so I usually avoid the free weights. I realized tonight when the big boys are working out next to me I work harder. Can't look weak in front of them! I think I showed them who's boss tonight!! Well, not really, they lift pretty heavy but it was nice to just be there and joke with them and do my thing. I've been strength training for 10 years and I've always been able to step into the free weight room without a problem, but over the past few years I'd started avoiding it. Not anymore. I'm back in the game. Showing my stuff. It feels really good. In fact, every day gets a little bit better. I feel like things are exactly the way they are supposed to be and that it's all going to work out great.

Now, I'm signing off, it's time for We Are The World. YES!!!!!


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