Crazy Day!

I know I promised the sugar post today but I had an interview this morning, got called in to work this afternoon and am volunteering tonight. Busy day! I also had my first emergency situation at the gym in all the 4.5 years I've worked there. I am a Red Cross Certified Professional Rescuer. Fortunately I didn't have to administer CPR or anything, a kid fell in the gym and gave himself a good gash on his head. I had to fill out the incident report as the aquatics supervisor administered first aid until EMS arrived. Crazy! My hands were shaking, poor kid, he was alert and acting like he was fine but I know he was shaken up and in pain. Hopefully he didn't have any more damage, head injuries are dangerous. I hope he'll be ok! I fell in the gym when I was 10 and had to have stitches on my chin. Basketball is rough!

Ok I'm off to have dinner and head to Healthworks at Codman for my volunteer shift!

I'll tell you all about sugar tomorrow!


Kim said…
How scary!! Glad he is okay!

Have a good night!

Lisa said…
Wow! That must have been really frightening for you! That little boy was very lucky you were there to help him! :)


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