Things are getting better, I ate breakfast before I left for work and then this morning I scoped out the situation in the cafe to see what will help me get through my days. There's hot water for oatmeal, a toaster (shared) for bread if I need it but with Udi's I usually don't! And there's a microwave and fridge/freezer right next to my cube. Now it's just all about the planning and prepping so that I don't find myself stuck. There's a Whole Foods not far from here too which is great. It's closer to than the one that I usually go to from my house so I can go there after work. I technically only have a half hour for lunch which makes it difficult to leave the office, but occassionally as long as I have the extra time in my day I can go out if I need to. We do also have scheduled group lunches for birthdays and such where we go out, for those I just find out where we're going and check menus online. Monday is b.good where I know I can get a nice salad or something. There's a PF Chang's close too so maybe that's where we'll go for my birthday!

This week has been a huge adjustment for my body and mind but today I'm feeling good about it all and ready to get my head back in the gf/df game. I didn't stray too far away so it shouldn't be an issue. Speaking of which... I'm hungry!!


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