Workin' 9-5, What a Way to Make a Living!

Remember that song? Nothing like a little Dolly Parton to get you going. I did a dance to that song in dancing school back in the day.. circa 1987. Anyway... I started my new job this week! Hence the lack in postings/tweets. So far it's going very well. I had orientation on Monday and Tuesday and today was my first full day in the office. The next few months will be filled with meetings and trainings and lots of learning so I'll be all over the place. Monday and Tuesday nights I also worked at the Y so I'm exhausted at this point. I couldn't wait to get home tonight so I could just relax. But my body is so tight from sitting in desk chairs for 3 days that I feel like I need to go to the gym and work it out. We'll see if I get there. I also need to go grocery shopping. Which brings me back to the topic of this blog.

I was very nervous about going back to work. For the past 6 years I've worked at a small office with my family, so doctors appointments, and bathroom breaks were never an issue. Not only that, I was afraid that the change in my schedule and the nerves of going back to work again would throw me head first into a flare. I've only been med free for 3 and a half months, the last thing I need is a flare right now! Plus, due to my random schedule of training classes and different offices I have to admit I have not planned my food very well. For the most part I've done well but I have had a few slips. Especially today. Our office is an open workspace which means our cubicles don't have high walls. I can see everyone around me and we all interact regularly. Also, my cube is right in a central location, directly beside the kitchen/bathrooms. The good news is I get to see everyone, the bad news is, they leave a bag of bagels and a box o' joe at the far end of my desk for everyone to share. AND my group gave me a welcome gift of various chocolate candy. Milk chocolate candy. Double wammy. I have not explained to everyone yet about my Crohn's and my special diet. I didn't want to get into all that on the first day. I also didn't plan my meals well enough so I was starving. I ate half a bagel and some of the chocolates. Ooops!!! I feel fine but I still shouldn't have done that! The rest of my meals have been safe.

There are 6 buildings and I have to go to most of them for various trainings and each one has a cafe so I've been allowing myself to just buy my lunch and pick safe options. I have had pretty good luck, although I'm not checking with the chefs to be sure everything is 100% safe. I know, I know, not smart. It's a bit of an adjustment period but I'll get the hang of it. I've always been terrible at planning meals for the week, shopping and cooking. Working Monday and Tuesday nights doesn't help at all.

So anyway, aside from all that, the job is awesome. I guess I should explain what exactly I'm doing. I work for a medical software company and I am basically a tech support specialist for a particular software package (admissions), in a very small nutshell. It's going to take a while to learn it and start taking on hospitals to support but that's ok. The environment is awesome, the people are great, it's flexible. That means that my doc's appt in two weeks won't be a problem and I can use flex time to leave early that day and make up the time throughout the week so I don't lose any pay or use any vacation time. The benefits are phenomenal too. My supervisor is awesome, really nice and totally flexible. The people in my group are great as well. Many of them are close to my age which is really cool. I was hoping for that! My office is situated on a golf course and there are tons of windows all around so I can look out to the beautiful scenery all day. In Boston my view was a brick wall and I smelled truck fumes all day. No more!! I definitely made the right choice. I am loving it so far even though there's not much to do right now. The training process is kinda slow, but I'll take advantage of this down time before it's time to take on sites and go out of my mind because I'm so busy! Well, that's about it for now. I don't know when I'll get back to regular posting but hopefully not too long. I haven't been reading blogs either, my reader is totally backlogged. I'll get to it someday!!!


Unknown said…
So glad to hear you're in a good environment! I am resisting the urge to lecture about that bagel and candy, and not checking with the chef... I know you'll work all that in. Odd how much time it takes to get all the details caught up, isn't it? Well, keep up the good work and great attitude - you're going to do great!
Farty Girl said…
I agree with Karyl! You are doing awesome. It's great that you are back in the working world, and still pushing to be a Chrohn's activist and blogger.

That said - your "first day of work" story only verifies that we need to continue to fight for allergy awareness. It's not right that you should be put in a situation where you have to eat something that makes you sick. There should be accessible healthy food choices for EVERYONE out there!!!

Good luck w. the new jobby! <3

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