Kickass music for a kickass workout

So I've been listening to the same gym playlist on my shuffle for a looooong time. And let me tell you, Don't Stop Believin' just ain't cutting the mustard anymore (although, that song didn't get cut, I just love it). I've been meaning to update it for weeks but just haven't had the time. Tonight, I found the time. I asked for suggestions, I google searched, I shopped on iTunes and I came up with a list that for me, is perfect. Here it is:

Canned Heat - Jamiroquai
Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna
Fool in the Rain - Led Zeppelin
Rude Boy - Rihanna
Be Faithful - Fatman Scoop (This is my FAVORITE get pumped song)
Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliot
1985 - Crash Kings
Touch the Sky - Kanye West Feat. Lupe Fiasco
Temperature - Sean Paul
Jigga What/Faint - Linkin Park & Jay-Z
Bad Romance - Lady GaGa
Shake Remix - Elephant Man, Pitbull & Ying Yang Twins
The Anthem - Pitbull Feat. Lil Jon
Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer - Linkin Park & Jay-Z
I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) - Pitbull
LoveGame - Lady GaGa
Pass That Dutch - Missy Elliot
Disturbia - Rihanna
Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin
Blue Monday - Orgy
14 Arms - Crash Kings
Lose Yourself - Eminem (this one never leaves the playlist)
Numb/Encore - Linkin Park & Jay-Z
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) - Big & Rich
Get Low - Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz
How Low - Ludacris, Ciara, Pitbull
Bleed It Out - Linkin Park
Poker Face - Lady GaGa
Head Gone - Elephant Man
Gasolina (DJ Buddha Remix) - Daddy Yankee
It's Only Wednesday - Crash Kings

As you may have noticed, I'm a big fan of hip hop and reggaeton, with a little rock thrown in. I love anything that has a decent beat and can keep me moving. I am pretty excited about putting this playlist into action. Unfortunately that won't be until Wednesday since I work both jobs Monday and Tuesday. By then I will have forgotten what I put on there so it'll be a big surprise! I'm a dork, I know this.

I actually have a pretty good lineup of food related posts coming up this week so that's exciting. With photos and everything!! I had the ultimate comfort food dinner tonight - macaroni & cheese and hot dogs. I grew up on this meal and it used to make me feel like death afterwards. This version most certainly did not. Stay tuned to find out why!!


Jenn Sutherland said…
I love this! Thank you - I'm heading over to iTunes to pick up a few new tunes!
Unknown said…
I love this too. You have so many of my favorites on this list and I have most of them on my ipod. Can't wait to put them all together into one playlist.
Unknown said…
What Jenn said! I am going to create a playlist, take my son's ipod to the gym and get in the groove! Thanks for doing this! I needed some motivation.
Jennifer said…
Oh awesome! I love new tunes to add to my workout mix.
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing this list! I'll add it to mu iPod, and see if I can work out harder! The more the better!
Mindy said…
thanks for sharing, do you have a pandora station that we all could subscribe to?

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