I have 244 unread blog posts to read... and that's just in the gluten free section. I can read blogs at work but I am so far behind it's taking me a while to catch up! Work is good, training is slow but that's ok. I'm still working at the Y Monday and Tuesday nights so my week is long and tiring. But I'm happy! Glad to be working!! I'm still a tiny bit slacking on the diet. I did good for 3/4 of the day on Easter and then the desserts attacked me. I took the crumbs of the cheesecake off of the knife, and then a teeeeny tiny sliver of chocolate cake and then 2 or 3 or 4 M&M's... I even brought my own dessert! I ate that too... I had been feeling good so I was allowing myself to keep sliding, but it caught up to me yesterday. I haven't really been that bad but Easter was a big slip. I know, I know. I've told my co-workers of my restrictions so that helps to keep me accountable. And home is never an issue because I don't buy anything at the store that I can't eat. It's other peoples' houses and the cafe that get me!! Gotta plan better. I did bring my Udi's this morning but it was moldy! That's one thing about leaving bread out of the freezer that I'd forgotten about. Good thing I bought two loaves so I have a fresh one waiting for me. I keep hot cereal packets and soup cups in my drawer so that helps too. I just haven't had a minute to go grocery shopping!


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