Well Hey There!

What's happening in blogland?? I have been out of the loop, just took a little break from reading and writing. It's spring time and my calendar is just buzzing with fun things and unfortunately, blogging has taken a backseat. I have hundreds of unread posts in my reader! I will catch up soon. Work is going great and I really like my new job. I'm still working at the gym two nights a week and it's draining all of my energy. Oh, and I'm turning 30. On Friday. Yeah.

The good news is, my family and friends threw me a surprise 30th birthday party on Saturday night!! I was pretty sure my 30th was about to go by unnoticed so they really got me good. My mom even bought me Redbridge and made me a gf/cf cake! It was a great night. I had a few unmoderated comments so I'll get to those soon. I don't know if I'll be posting regularly but I just wanted to stop in for a quick update. I hope you are all doing well!!!


Sweetpea said…
Happy 30th Birthday!!!
Allie said…
happy 30th jen (a few days early)!! ok, this is definitely cause for a get together -- sally and i were talking about going to cuchi cuchi SOON -- whaddya say? maybe in the next two weeks??
Kim said…
Happy birthday!! It is good to "see" you!
Farty Girl said…
happy birthday snickerdoodle! :)

(that's my current term of endearment).

hope it's a great one!

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