Beaten like a red-headed step child.

First of all, read THIS article. Not even our natural food sources are safe anymore and I'm basically convinced that no matter how hard I try, none of the food I eat is completely safe. So I'm just going to do the best I can.

Second, I have bruises. Always. All over my legs. I don't know how they get there most of the time. Lately I've been elevating my legs at work by resting them on the edge of my trash barrel and this morning I noticed that I now have bruises on the back of both of my legs where I rest them on the barrel. Really? I have big veins and thin skin, you can see my veins coursing through my legs, but is that really all this is? I've always bruised easily but lately it seems a bit excessive. So I'm writing about it here, to all my autoimmune friends, to see if any of you have experienced this? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Unknown said…
I bruise super easily. My forearms always look beat up. Have you ever been tested for hypothyroidism? I am going to get my blood work done in a few weeks and my doctor always monitors my thyroid. I am going to show him my bruises when I go.
stipeygirl75 said…
Vitamin C is supposed to prevent the easy bruising. I get lots of bruises too.

- Sarah
Anonymous said…
Wow, You sound like me....that may be iron deficiency?
Perhaps many others.

Try taking 18mg of chelated iron, & B complex with vitamin my ALSO need coq10 and ubiquinol.

iF YOU HAVE ACID REFLUX, whether you take meds or not, you may need to have a b vitamin spray for the nose. Because your tummy can't absorb it anymore.

The best vitamins to take are Bluebonnet brand, made in Sugar land,TX. They are very hypoallergenic, and they are the only one's that don't make me sick, But that's up to you.

BE SUR ETO stay away from MULTI-vitamins due to vitamin A. they are now saying vitamin A pushes out Vitamin D and goes in the same slot.

Don't worry, we get plenty of A through our diets, if you eat wild caught Salmon fish (In the can is great) and vegetables.

So try Carlson's vitamin D drops or another brand you trust. try 2-4,000 or as your doctor recommends.
I take 5,000.
love in Christ,
Stephanie said…
I bruise if you brush against me it seems... I have a laundry list of medical problems many of which link back to a genetic condition which I have called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

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