Revew: Udi's Gluten Free Bagels

Whole Foods is finally carrying Udi's products! I found the bread and muffins there last week but yesterday I found the bagels. I don't generally care that much about bagels but I just had to try these. I left them out overnight to defrost and then toasted one up this morning and made an egg sandwich with it. I am certainly impressed. These are soft, bready, delicious bagels. They don't have that crunchy outside like a traditional bagel but still, excellent. I didn't even bother looking at the nutritional info because I know these aren't a great choice but there's only four in the bag so that's not too bad. I won't buy them very often since I don't often buy bagels in general, but whenever I get the urge, I definitely will grab these! Udi's is the best! I made pizza last night with Kinnikinnick crust but I thought about making bagel pizzas, now that would be awesome! Pizza post coming soon!


JulieB said…
I buy these by the case, and my husband eats most of them, since I do try to limit my grain carb intake to once or twice a week. He has no such problems, lucky him! Udi's is the best brand for real tasting breads and muffins. I have used their pizza crusts and they are good too, but not great. I still miss the spelt crust I used to make before I found out that any gluten at all was bad, and not just wheat. I am waiting for the end of summer when they come out with their hot dog and hamburger buns. My local stores can barely keep anything by Udi in stock, so I usually order directly from the company and store them in the freezer. Great company and great products if you can eat them.

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