Review: Schar Shortbread Cookies


I've been meaning to try these cookies for a long time, and after reading about them on Heidi's blog I couldn't resist. I meant to try to make these into twix bars but I've already eaten more than half the bag. I'm keeping them in my desk at work so I can grab a couple after lunch. Let me just preface this by saying that I do not typically care for shortbread cookies, but I was at the grocery store the other day and they just sounded really good. And they are! I really like these, they are light and crunchy and great for something sweet after lunch. I tend to eat a lot of salad at lunch time and I always want something to kind of cleanse my palate afterwards and these are great for that. Schar makes some awesome products and I'm rarely disappointed with them. Thanks Schar!!


Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you like them! Thanks for the link love, it reminded me that I REALLY need to update that GF Twix photo, so embarrassing those old photos! ;-)
Unknown said…
When I went to Florence, Italy last year the owner of the B&B we stayed in left these as a welcome gift. She wanted me to have something to eat with the free breakfast. They were delicious and hard to ration out since I could easily have finished the whole bag in one sitting!
Unknown said…
Hey I love your blog.
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I have recently stumbled upon some gluten free foods that I think all people trying to live Gluten Free lives should try. The brand is Gluten Free & Fabulous and I’ve tried the shortbread cookies and spinach pizza. They were delicious and there’s more I have yet to try. Also, they are easy to get; you can buy the product straight from the . I hope this helps. Let me know what you think and keep up the great blog!

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