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My niece is allergic to dairy. When she was born, she was horribly colic and had terrible baby acne and my sister just didn't know what to do. I practically begged her to take her off of dairy formula and when she finally did, Maggie immediately got better. I was so excited, my sister not so much. She doesn't want Maggie to suffer because of a food allergy, and dairy is in EVERYTHING. I understand where she's coming from but being an allergenista myself, I'm like, Hey this is no sweat! The doctors said she might grow out of it, give it some time and re-introduce the dairy. Fast forward 6 months...

Tuesday night she was at a friend's house and the friend gave her a baby cookie. Immediately Maggie started breaking out around her mouth in a rash. My sister thought it was odd but didn't really do anything about it. She's been wanting to transition Maggie off of formula and wanted to put her on regular milk. I've been telling her over and over to not be surprised if she doesn't tolerate it. Well, the other night she gave her a bottle with 2 oz of milk and 2 oz of soy formula. Lo and behold, she broke out immediately and not long after that she tossed that milk right back up... (sorry). She checked the website of the baby cookies and sure enough, there is milk in them. The pediatrician says she still may grow out of it and try again in 6 months. She asked me if I thought it was ok to try her on yogurt in like a month. I was like NO!!! How are you going to ask your dairy allergic sister if she thinks it's ok to give a dairy allergic baby some yogurt?? Silly girl. I know that she's just thinking into the future of all the foods that have milk that Maggie won't be able to have and is feeling that pain that we all feel when we find out that we can't have mac & cheese anymore. I get it. It would be great if Maggie grows out of this, but I'm guessing that she won't. She has a pretty obvious and immediate reaction to it which is just as bad now as it was when she was born. Thankfully she has me to help her find great alternatives for her! If she didn't understand what I go through before, she certainly will now. She's being really stubborn about it though which is surprising to me, I think she's still really in that old school mindset that dairy is essential for optimum health which we all here know that is not the case! She'll be just fine.


AmazinAlison said…
And now there is daiya cheese! I use it to make mac and cheese, with earth balance, some silken tofu or dairy gluten free cream cheese and it comes out awesome.

I had excema my entire childhood and my mom took me to the doctor for medication. I felt worse and worse and was 32 years old before being diagnosed. I would 100% encourage your sister to keep her daughter off dairy if there is a reaction. It can affect her physically, emotionally, etc. and it is so not worth it is an adventure to eat dairy free. It makes me try all different kinds of foods. And my son who is almost 3 loves thinks like salmon and almonds, which share many of the same nutrients with dairy.
Stephanie said…
I agree that while it is difficult at times to live with a dairy allergy it is more difficult to eat or be fed the offender. I hope that your sister is able to deal with this situation with grace. Good luck!!
Anonymous said…
Hey Pre made mac and cheese with DAIYA cheese by AMY'S DINNERS. It's gluten and Dairy free and it tastes fantastic! give some to your sis! in fact, make a gift basket, and give regularly! Make food and take it over there for them too or invite them over to eat. Show your sis how to cook.I bet this will help morale and ease her out of the denial she is in.

Love in Christ,
Anonymous said…
Also, from a mom who has BEEN THERE with my daughter (who is now 8yo) I offer my advice and support to her, feel free to hook us up. I would be happy to mentor her.
here is my website.
you can email me from there.
I will be updating the site soon, and it will have recipes and much more. also, I have a
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feel free to visit anytime!
I am here to help anyone who needs it.

Love in Christ,
Allie said…
Aww! poor little thing -- she'll be fin though, of course - and hopefully she'll grow out of it!

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