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Steak Sub

Well, it's been a while! I miss this place and all you guys out there. The new job doesn't really allow much time for blogging so I've fallen out of the habit. I've been thinking a lot lately though about wanting to get back to it. I actually really want to write a post about the quality of gluten free bread nowadays. Wow have we come a long way baby!! That picture above, almost makes you think I've been snacking on a sub from the corner sub shop right? Tasted like it! That's a Schar sub sandwich roll and oh my gosh is it delicious. They come with instructions to bake at 400 degrees for 5 minutes and enjoy. I haven't had a steak sub in soooo long so when I saw these at the store this is the first thing that came to mind. I LOVE subs and miss them and when I saw these rolls I knew exactly what to do.

Currently my favorite breads are Udi's, Schar, and this local bakery called All Can Eat. I buy a loaf of All Can Eat Multi-Grain bread each week and generally have 2 slices toasted with an egg over-easy for breakfast each day. I love it! Long forgotten are the days of that awful "gluten-free" smell coming from the toaster. I am going to attempt to make gluten free stuffing for Thanksgiving again this year and this time I plan on using Udi's white bread. Lately I've been craving a Joan's English Muffin but it looks like they've fallen out of the market, I'm sure because they are so expensive. There are just too many great alternatives out there, I wish Joan would come down on the price so that she could stay competitive! Those really are my favorite English Muffins.

Anyway... hopefully I'll get some more posts up soon. Other than breads I haven't been eating anything new and/0r exciting. I've noticed that Stop & Shop is really stepping up their game, now carrying Udi's! They are also carrying Amy's GF/CF burritos but are selling out like hot cakes, I want to try them!! Also, anyone know where I can score a box of GF Bisquick?? Can't find it anywhere!!


Allie said…
hi! yay! you posted!!

you hAVE to try Canyon Bakehouse bread too - it's awesome... i'll have to try the one you mentioned All Can Eat too :)

I'm surprised you can't find bisquick - they have it at my local Market Basket & Stop & Shop... they stock it in weird places sometimes though. it's SO GOOD. my fave.
Kim said…
Oh, that roll looks awesome!! I noticed that my local health food store is no longer carrying Joan's products at all. It is such a shame, but they were so $$! They made room for other GF items that sell much better b/c they are less expensive and they taste great.

It is good to "see" you!
Jennifer said…
I've noticed the availability of good gf bread too! Finally!!
Jenn said…
I've got a GF Bisquick giveaway on my blog - glutenfreefoodstorage.blogspot.com. Feel free to try to win!
Adam said…
Congrats on the new job!
And of course congrats on the awesome, deliciousa, tough-to-read without-running-to-the-grocery-store postings!!
Looks yummi fo sho.

So cool to hear from you. Keep it up.

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