Overwhelmed with Options

I don't post a lot of recipes here anymore. In the beginning I was always cooking (or more likely, baking) something new and exciting. Lately I've been all about quick and easy and convenient ::cough Chipotle cough:: and I have not been doing nearly enough cooking at home. The problem is, I have SO MANY recipes that I want to try that I get overwhelmed and just go with the same old staples. I have over 700 blog posts tagged in my reader, Carol Fenster's cookbook of 1,000 recipes plus a bunch of other cookbooks and new blog posts are popping up every day. It's crazy!! Also, I have a hundred variations of the same recipes. How many recipes for onion rings do I really need anyway?? I'm going to try to plan a recipe a week to get started. Since I typically cook for one and I'm not home every night, one recipe usually gives me 3 or 4 nights worth of food and depending on the recipe I can freeze it for later. Plus I have to keep my costs down. But I think that cooking at home will help me tighten up my food budget anyway. So... where do I begin??


Pure2raw twins said…
I know...I do not do well with options!! But I think cooking at home is the best!!

Good luck!
Sue F. said…
I don't have any suggestions for where do you begin, but I am sure looking forward to your posts!

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