Review: Amy's Gluten and Dairy Free Burrito

Amy's GF DF Burrito

I loooooooove Mexican food, which is a really good thing because it's such a gluten-free friendly style of cooking. I just recently read that my favorite Mexican restaurant from my hometown has a GF menu so I can't wait to go back! I also spend a fortune at Chipotle... Of course (GF) burritos and tacos aren't really the best authentic Spanish cuisine but I still love them. Anyway, I heard that Amy's had come out with gluten and dairy free burritos so I was really excited to try them. I was even more excited when I saw the box in my regular grocery store freezer buuuuut it was empty. Empty!! I guess there are more gf/df people around here than I thought.. that also happen to love burritos. Then I was in Whole Foods the other day and what do you know, there they were and they were on sale. SCORE! I grabbed two.

Once I was ready to eat one I read the cooking instructions, I know that Amy's foods tend to be better when cooked in the oven but I was hungry and it takes almost an hour to heat up a (very small) single burrito. I went the microwave route for the first one. As expected, it tasted good, but was a bit rubbery and dried out. So the next time I cooked it in the oven. And waited. For 40 minutes. For a snack sized burrito. But hey, it tasted pretty good this time!! The sides did split during both cooking methods but I eat them with a knife and fork anyway. I obviously added some salsa and guacamole (my favorite!) on the side which were a nice compliment. I would definitely keep a couple of these in the freezer.

I have some more posts coming soon, I just baked some pumpkin chocolate chip bars, I am eating Canyon Bakehouse bread for the first time this week, and of course I'll tell you all what's in store for Thanksgiving dinner. This can certainly be a tough time of year for us with all the temptations out there but if we're smart and plan ahead it can be just as fun and delicious for us too!!


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