Review: Udi's Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Udi's GF Cinnamon Rolls

I haven't had a cinnamon roll in years. I figured Thanksgiving was a great time to give these a try since these are not something I would buy for myself otherwise. For a frozen cinnamon roll with icing that comes out of a plastic baggie, these are pretty good. I did put them in the microwave for about 20 seconds with the icing on top to heat them up and melt the icing a bit. The flavor of the dough is great, doesn't taste gluten free, but it's a bit dry and the edges kind of hard. The icing was clearly dairy free, a little too spicy for my liking but good. This is probably my least favorite product of Udi's, but that's not necessarily a bad thing because I LOVE all of Udi's products. These I just like, and probably won't buy them for myself again. But then again, I probably won't buy any brand of cinnamon rolls. I do plan on making them myself someday though so keep any eye out for that post! Now, if only Udi's would come out with onion bagels... that would make me very, very happy.


Unknown said…
GREAT to see you back! I didn't know it before today's post. Glad you liked the rolls; I don't buy them myself, since the one time I did I ate them all. Immediately.
Ina said…
Hi Jen, I too love love Cinnamon buns. I posted a recipe, not my own, but to die for. Seriously...and not difficult to make at all here is the post:

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