Adventures in Gluten Free Chicken Pie

I absolutely love chicken pot pie. I grew up eating Mrs. Budd's and am on a mission to re-create it gluten and dairy free. A while back I posted my first attempt, which was not a huge success but not necessarily a failure either. On Friday night I decided to try again. This time I came so much closer on the filling! But it was Friday night and I was tired so I decided to make "biscuits" instead of a crust. Check out those white hockey pucks:

Chicken Pie

I have a biscuit recipe tagged from a friend of mine (I won't say who, I don't her to be associated with this utter failure). It was so easy, flour and water! Really? Awesome! So I mixed the flour and the water and baked those little balls of dough and I got... white hockey pucks. What went wrong? The recipe called for biscuit mix. Not plain flour. Oy.

After eating the delicious filling, I was mad that I had no bready type thing to go with it so I tried biscuits again. This time with more ingredients. I came close, but they were a little flat and a little too hard. Fresh out of the oven with butter though, not too bad.


I had some filling left over so I decided to try again. This time I used a pie crust recipe, Better Batter, Salt, Earth Balance, and water. Simple and easy. Chilled it, rolled it out, topped the leftovers, baked for 40 minutes.

Pot Pie

Flaky, buttery, awesome. A little gritty and gluten free tasting but for my first pie crust EVER (GF or not) I'm pretty happy with it. I might try it the traditional way with shortening next time to see the difference. This was definitely a triumph. Not quite Mrs. Budd's yet but getting there. I'm still going to hold off on the recipe until I perfect it. Stay tuned!


Jennifer said…
Man, I love me some chicken pot pie. I've been trying for that perfect crust,too! But haven't gotten it quite right. One of us will eventually get it, haha
Allie said…
yum! that crust in the last pic looks perfect!!
i want to make this!!

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