Best Fluffy Gluten Free & Dairy Free Pancakes So Far!

Best GF Pancakes so far!

I don't make pancakes at home very often, but when I do, I want light and fluffy and delicious pancakes. I could just buy one of the pre-made mixes from any of the GF Flour mix makers out there but I don't want to have both a box of flour mix and a box of pancake mix. I've been working my way through a 5lb box of Better Batter so I'm determined to use it instead of using mixes for all of my baked goods. I have made some pretty good pancakes and some pretty bad pancakes since going GF but never quite hit the nail on the head. I'm so excited that this morning I FINALLY found a recipe that works.

You see, I kept google searching "pancakes" but this morning I searched "fluffy pancakes" and TA-DA! Presto, the first result turned out to be the winner. I have an All Recipes account and kept searching "pancakes" and could never find what I wanted. Lo and behold, add the word Fluffy and you find a winner. I used this recipe and substituted better batter, rice milk and earth balance. The faux butter milk (rice milk & vinegar) I think is the key to light and fluffy pancakes. The taste and texture of these is perfect. This is definitely the recipe I'll be using from now on!


Unknown said…
Darn, I made mine out of a box this morning! Your pancakes sound perfect for Christmas breakfast - I'll try your recipe then.

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