Gluten Free Dairy Free Corn Chowder

corn chowder

This is a week full of all of my favorite foods from my childhood. Corn chowder was a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. Sweet corn, potatoes and onions. So simple, yet sooooo delicious. To this day, potatoes corn and onions are still some of my favorite foods. Especially potatoes! I have not had my Mom's corn chowder in at least 10 years. I'm sure more than that. I thought I had the recipe but when I looked last night I realized that I don't. I'm not even sure if my mom has a recipe anymore. I am pretty sure hers called for either evaporated milk or condensed. Either way, I needed to find an alternative.

This week my new favorite discovery is So Delicious Coconut Milk. I've found that not only is it thick and creamy, it doesn't leave any coconut taste in the finished recipes. I decided to use a basic corn chowder recipe from All and use the coconut milk in place of regular milk. I also subbed Earth Balance for the butter. The finished product was a little less creamy than my mom's version plus I used red potatoes with the skin on in bigger chunks as opposed to peeled idaho potatoes in small chunks. Other than that, it was delicious. Next time, I think I will use a little less water and So Delicious Creamer instead of milk.

And the breadsticks? Schar of course! My favorite part of Mom's corn chowder was crushing up saltine crackers and letting them soak up the chowder. The Schar breadsticks were a great substitute for the saltines. Next time I will use Schar table crackers but the store I was at last night didn't carry them. I am loving this stroll down memory lane during this holiday season.


Val said…
This looks absolutely delicious! I've been using So Delicious coconut milk beverages in all of my recipes, and I love the flavor and texture it brings to everything. It's particularly wet and chilly today, so I'm definitely going to make this for lunch! Thanks for sharing!
Jenn Sutherland said…
This looks fabulous, Jen! Is the So Delicious coconut milk somehow different than the canned Thai Chaokoh milk that I normally use? I know I've seen it at Whole Foods, just haven't seen any comparison to the canned milks.

And can I just say how happy I am that you're back to blogging?! I missed you!
Jen said…
Jenn!!! Missed you too! Hey, you haven't blogged since January lady!!! I have no idea if this is different than canned milk. I've never tried it. I should, it's probably cheaper. Hmm.

Val I hope this came out great for you!! So awesome on a cold winter's day :)
Vegiegail said…
I took your advice and tried making this with So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer today. It was yummalicious! Please come take a look!
Theresa said…
This was fabulous! We cannot wait to make it again!

Instead of water, we used chicken broth and cut it back a bit. I blended one can of cream corn with a little bit of broth and dumped that in with a bag of frozen corn. And all it took was 1 cup of coconut milk creamer!

By using Earth Balance spread, we made this soy free as well.

Thanks so much for the idea!
Jen said…
You're welcome Theresa, I'm so glad you like it!!

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