Gluten Free Mustard Breaded Porkchops

Mustard Breaded Pork Chop

Edited to add: As it turns out, I DID get in. I don't know what happened, but this actually is an official submission to Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger! I'm leaving the post as I originally wrote it. Enjoy!

I was all excited to participate in my first Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger event which Sea over at Book of Yum started back in 08. I've seen so many of these posts and I thought that it would be a great way to kick start my mission to cook more recipes. The rules are that more than one person cannot adopt the same blogger in a given month. I swear I checked the list of already chosen bloggers but somehow I missed that Jill Elise of Hey, That Tastes Good was already taken! So now, here I sit, ready to post my first ever entry and I checked back to the original post to make sure I'm following the rules and I didn't see my name in the list. I looked and looked and looked and guess what... Jill was the 3rd blogger listed, definitely before I picked her. Well, I can't say I'm surprised, her blog is awesome. I have 60 of her posts saved in my Bloglines reader to try. Her photos are mouth-watering and the recipes are simple but delicious. This particular recipe was something I wanted to try because it reminds me of Not Your Average Joe's mustard breaded porkchops that are soooooo gluteny delicious. I swear I haven't had them since before going GF....

I'm disappointed that this doesn't count as my first entry in AaGFB but I am happy that I made these. They are SO delicious. Taste just like the gluteny restaurant version. And so easy to make! I served them along with roasted red potatoes and brussels sprouts. This dinner was the best home cooked meal I've had in a long time, aside from Thanksgiving of course. This recipe will definitely become a part of my repertoire!


Anonymous said…
Oh that looks tasty. I think I'd count it as an adoption since I'm tempted to make the recipe. You sold me. You also did a great job on your About page telling your story. I agree with you that everyone with Chrohn's (and colitis) should be GF whether they are positive for celiac or not. Actually, my son was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and I pushed the doctors to test for celiac as well. They just wanted to put him on the scary drugs. They did it to humor me, but turned out he did have celiac and so did his sister and....even Mom. So no scary drugs, just GF diet.
Anonymous said…
I don't like pork chops, but I'll admit, these look delicious. I bet I could take the idea and apply it to chicken or tofu or even fish. Thanks for the inspiration!

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