Review: Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Bars

Mmmmm Chocolate

Chocolate makes my world go round. Always has, probably always will. I used to be all about the milk chocolate and I hated the dark stuff. Cadbury Dairy Milk bar was my absolute favorite, but I also loved hershey's, milky way, snickers, twix, m&m's... When I went gluten free I had to kick out more than half of my favorites. The twix was the toughest. Then when I discovered that dairy had to go as well, I was devastated. How was I going to survive without chocolate???? For a while, I just didn't eat it at all. Then, I found Enjoy Life chocolate bars. A "milk" chocolate bar with no casein? Sold. I wrote about them here. If you read that post, you'll see what I mean:
"I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate and this tastes closer to that than regular milk chocolate but I still liked it. I saved the regular rice milk chocolate bar for today. They do also have a dark chocolate version if that's your sorta thing. I'm trying to stay away from chocolate in general but once in awhile you've just gotta have some!"
Eventually I started giving the dark stuff a shot since the dairy free "milk" chocolate never really did much for me. I find most of it just tastes like too much sugar. And you know what? I love it now. I prefer dark to milk. And all those antioxidants! Heh. Recently the folks at Enjoy Life contacted me about reviewing their chocolate bars and I was happy to accept a few complimentary treats. Of course I always give an honest review. What I love about Enjoy Life is that their foods are free of not only gluten, but the 8 most common allergens: wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish. They are also made without casein, potato, sesame and sulfites. Ingredients have ben additionally tested to ensure strict allergen control standards are met.

Enjoy Life offers three different types of chocolate bars, dairy free milk chocolate, dairy free milk chocolate with rice crunchies, and dark chocolate. I've happily eaten all of them. They are all very good. I love the one with the rice crunchies because I used to love Nestle's and this is the closest substitute I've found. Interestingly enough, my favorite is the dark chocolate! (pictured above) The dark chocolate contains simply evaporated cane juice, natural chocolate liquor and non-dairy cocoa butter. Perfect! These bars are also the only ones I've found that are the size of a normal candy bar. Most dark chocolate is sold in the larger size. These are great to just grab for a treat. I definitely recommend them!


Liz said…
A candy bar similar to those crunch bars!? That's dairy free too? I'm sold.

Man, I miss those things.

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