Snow Day!!

I am sitting in my living room with no cable, but luckily I have internet. Which is funny because today I'd rather have cable and no internet! Having access to the internet means I have to monitor my work emails. That's ok, I'm still in my sweatpants. I did get up and shower first thing. I really should've gone to the grocery store before this storm hit because now I have hardly anything in the house to eat. Aside from a tub full of chocolate chip cookies that I baked last night. Unfortunately chocolate, sugar and I aren't getting along right now and those cookies aren't doing me any favors. The worst part about all of this? Apparently I donated my winter boots over the summer when I decided that I wanted new ones. Too bad I forgot all about that until the blizzard hit and now I'm bootless. At some point today I have to go out there and dig my car out and hopefully hit the grocery store, but for now I'm just going to sit tight! Have a great day everyone!


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