Top Chef All Stars

Did you watch the season 8 opener last night? I LOVE Top Chef, I think it's the best chef competition show on TV. I have watched most of the seasons but my favorite of all time is Season 6 - Las Vegas and my favorite contestants are the Voltaggio Brothers, specifically Bryan Voltaggio.

Michael (winner) and Bryan Voltaggio of Top Chef Season 6

I am very excited for this season of All Stars, the cast is awesome. I am not sure who I'm pulling for to win yet but I think I'm leaning towards Jennifer who came in 4th on Season 6. Who are your Top Chef favorites?


Allie said…
hey! I DVRed it & want to watch tonight! I love those brothers also -- actually, Tiffani faison (sp?) from the first season is the chef at Rocca in Boston -- I was there a few weeks ago for a party & saw her! I'm a geek... but she TOTALLy accomodated my gluten free-ness ;)
Jen said…
Ohhh that is awesome!! I would geek out too.

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