What's the best way to determine if you have Celiac?

This video by Dr. Vikki Petersen is very helpful in clearing up the confusion about the accuracy of Celiac testing. The truth is, many people do have Celiac or Gluten Intolerance and are being told they don't. I have had the blood tests and the genetic tests. I have never had a biopsy. The genetic test currently only tests for two genes when they are discovering that there are many more. My bloodwork showed elevated levels but was not within the range of Celiac diagnosis. The only way for me to confirm that I am intolerant to gluten in some form, be it Celiac or Gluten Intolerance, was to remove it from my diet. I am glad they are making advances, but I wish it would happen more quickly. Too many people are suffering!


Mad Doc Mim said…
I'm one of those who had completely negative blood tests for everything, although no biopsy, but I've been off gluten for about a year and a half, and totally feel better and am glad that I was smart enough to figure it out and make my own decisions.
Amanda on Maui said…
I found an old medical encyclopedia in my college library, and the way people were diagnosed up to 1997 was through elimination of gluten containing foods from their diet. If their symptoms improved after removing the gluten containing foods then they were diagnosed as having Celiac Disease.

However, now we know there are many people who have Celiac Disease, but their symptoms continue even after elimination of gluten.

But, I still think that if elimination of gluten from the diet fixes what ails you then it is probably a good choice to make.

I am not diagnosed with CD either, but I did have the blood work done (after being gluten free for 4 months...my doctor didn't know about gluten challenges). But, all of the problems I had before (anxiety, lactose intolerance, bad acne, tremors, panic attacks) cleared up after going gluten free.
Ina said…
I too did my own self diagnosis, after years of suffering. Actually, I believe it was because of those many years, it took in total almost 3 years to heal from the damage of celiac disease. I just stuck with a gluten free diet, ate healthy whole foods, took some supplements and pro-biotics...and finally the healing happened! Then life just became fantastic! There is not one speck of gluten in my house - never again.

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