So Easy A Caveman Can Do It?

Caveman with Donuts

I'm sure you've heard about it, in fact I've probably written about it here before. Some people out there think that we should be eating like the cavemen ate. It's called the Paleo Diet and it's been getting more and more attention. Today I was talking with someone that has had his own share of digestive struggles and he mentioned that this diet has worked for many people with Crohn's. I have heard this too and have considered trying the diet myself many times. Why haven't I done it? Well truthfully, I love bread and sugar. The Paleo Diet is free of grains and added sugar. Basically, it's meat & fish, veggies, fruit, healthy fats and spices. In my head it sounds awesome and I know I'd feel amazing but somehow I just haven't been able to commit to it. You all know how much I love to bake!

Lately however I've been feeling frustrated that I am still having some minor issues like irritations, a little bit of constipation, extremely dry skin, redness and irritation on my face. Things that I feel could be helped with a few changes in diet. Today I had eggs and gf toast for breakfast, a baked potato and brussels sprouts for lunch, gf pasta with meatballs and marinara for dinner and I also made cornbread. I ate a good two or three pieces of the cornbread. All of a sudden this evening the rash became majorly inflamed! I don't know what's causing it, but it's driving me absolutely crazy. So I think I'm going to give this whole caveman diet a shot. Cut my diet down to the very basics. Hope for the best. Anyone else out there eating this way? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Pure2raw Twins said…
I have not tried Paleo Diet but I know some friends who are doing or have tried it. Some had good results. I just know it is something that I could never try because I am just not a fan of meat, so that would limit me ;) Good luck with everything and I hope you figure it all out!
Ina said…
I have not tried the Paleo Diet, but something about it really resonates with me. Instinctively, it sounds right. I don't eat a lot of sugar, but I do love bread and pasta. I would not mind giving this diet a try, slowly. Even one or two days a week to see how I feel. Good luck!
Allie said…
keep us posted on the blog jen! I read about the paleo diet and had done some research because I was thinking about it - but it does seem a little daunting. I'm sure if you just do a little planning & shop for the right things it will work out great. It may even be cheaper if you're not buying GF alternatives!

good luck!
Jenn Sutherland said…
I guess I did Paleo before it was Paleo...when it was marketed as South Beach a few years ago - being celiac, I didn't eat any of the south beach products, and I don't eat much dairy. I did feel amazing when we were eating that way, an like you, I think my body is tiring of grains - even gluten-free ones. The refined flours and gums seem to be giving me most of the trouble, so I've cut those out. I'm still eating some grains, but limiting them to brown rice, quinoa and millet, and we don't eat those every day. I'm getting better.

If you have sugar cravings, try taking the herbal supplement gymnema sylvestre. My homeopath recommended it to aid in reducing sugar cravings, and it's really worked! Sugar just doesn't have the allure that it used to, and when I do have a little, I find it easier to stop myself after a couple bites...which I have *never* been able to do!

Good luck going paleo!
Hi Jen! I stumbled upon your blog trying to find others out there who are trying Paleo. I just started a 30 month run of Paleo on Monday and I feel fantastic.

I've been reading The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain and highly reccommend it!
Jen said…
Thanks everyone so much for the comments! I am definitely diving in to this diet. I really feel like it's going to help my health so much. I've actually already been eating pretty clean for a while now. The only things I stock in my kitchen each week are a loaf of GF bread and a package of GF pasta. The box of Better Batter is what trips me up!! I'm excited to get started this week!

Jenn I don't really get sugar cravings as long as I'm not actually eating sugary things. When I do eat sugar, the cravings definitely keep coming back but a couple days off the stuff and I'm fine.

Maria I'm so glad you found me! I'm glad there are others out there giving this a try, and thanks for the book recommendation!!
Odile said…
about the rash... have you read up on nightshades?
Jen said…
Odile - I have not yet read up on nightshades, I've been cutting so much stuff out that I'm afraid to go there lol. But I think you might be on to something. I do notice a reaction around the time I eat tomatoes...

Paleo for autoimmunity does suggest cutting out nightshades as well. I'll have nothing left to eat!!! :)
LisaP said…
I just stumbled upon your blog and read your most recent post. My family and I just switched over to Paleo within the last month and we have never felt better. Both my husband and I have dropped weight, but it wasn't about that, it was about opening up my kitchen cabinet, looking at what my kids were eating and it became about the chemicals, preservatives, and the sugar that we were consuming, in boxes and in proteins. My kids have become so much more conscious about the food they choose, which makes me so proud. We're not fanatics, just a family trying to be more conscientious. Taking our kids to farmer's markets for fruits and vegetables and teaching them about grass fed beef/cage free chickens has been interesting for both them and us. I wish you the best of luck on your journey!! There is so much information out there to help you along the way.

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