I have nothing exciting to write about today. I weighed in and handed over my $20 as we kicked off our BL challenge today. I went to the gym even though I wanted to just cook dinner. I cooked dinner when I got home and I think it tasted better than if I had not gone. I turn incredibly pink when I workout. It's not embarrassing, I just hope people don't think I'm about to keel over. I can't help it! I realized that I'm going to really have to lose some weight if I want to win this competition. There are six of us competing and the other girls are short. We're going by percentage of weight loss so if all of us lose ten pounds, whoever weighed the least when we started wins. That kinda stinks since I definitely weigh the most out of everyone. I'm 6' tall!! Just means I have to work that much harder. I already have my head deep in the game, I just have to stay focused.

My strategy is simple, eat healthy, workout, lose weight. But I'm concerned that not counting calories will bite me in the butt. I am pretty sure the other girls are going to be tracking. I hate tracking. I've done it so many times, it actually makes me want to give up. It's frustrating and stressful. Well, it's a hundred and twenty bucks. If I wind up in kick ass shape on April 1st, but don't win the money? It won't matter. As long as I follow through and finish strong it will all be worth it.

Off to bed, hopefully I'll have a more exciting post this week!


Pure2raw Twins said…
Good luck with the challenge! Just keep you head up and give it your best each day and you will do fine :)

Jen said…
Thanks Lori!!!

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