b.good serves Udi's buns!


Today I had kind of a rough morning and was looking for some comfort at lunch time. I was sick of the same old stuff, sushi, salad, boring. I went on the b.good website to see if they had any gf info, figuring I'd probably just get a bunless burger. But what did I find? They are now serving Udi's GF Hamburger buns!!!! I immediately logged off my computer and jumped in my car. Before ordering I asked if they did in fact have the buns and sure enough, they did. I was so excited! I ordered my burger with a side of fries and waited for my order to be ready. The cool thing is, you can see the prep area and watch them prep your burger. If you are highly sensitive I would watch carefully, this is still a fast food restaurant and gluten filled burger buns and crumbs are all over the place. Make sure they prep your burger safely! I was satisfied with mine so I took it out to the patio and dove in. It was delicious and definitely satisfied my craving for comfort. I didn't get to have a burger on the 4th so this really was awesome. Thanks b.good!!


Allie said…
whaaaa?! How did I not know this. This is excellent news. there is a b.good right near my office!

OF COURSE, I started a diet yesterday. BLAST.

thanks for the heads up!

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