Back to reality

I'm back from the Cape! It was such a great RELAXING vacation. I have a full recap with pics coming soon.

My Couch to 5K training is coming along nicely. I actually ran two days during vaca but then slacked off the rest of the week. I finally got in the first run of week 3 last night. Unfortunately about 8 minutes in it started pouring. I finished strong though and actually found running in the rain pretty fun. I doubt I'd feel the same way in March though. I do love a good summer.

I'm thinking about re-joining the Y. It's much more expensive than my current gym, but they offer so much more. I really want to get back into swimming and also they offer free classes including yoga, pilates and zumba. I need to vary my workouts and my current gym offers NO classes plus it's just over-crowded and annoying.

This post is really boring, but I felt like writing something so here you go. A much better post about vacation is coming as soon as I get the photos uploaded!


Athena said…
Do it! Join the Y! I'm bias of course. Which one would you join? If it's part of the Greater Boston Y you actually get a membership to any of them. Then you could take some classes of mine! Let me know if you have any questions about it :)

And thanks for the blogging advice today!
Jen said…
You're welcome!

I actually was a Nautilus instructor at the Quincy Y for almost 6 years up until this June. I have been away from the Y for a month and I miss it already, as I knew I would. I've had a membership at Planet Fitness for a year but I don't like that gym at all. I will most likely be re-instating my membership at the Y very soon. It's too bad it's not party of the GB Y network so I could take your classes! But there's always bootcamp!

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