You're sure to fall in love with Old Cape Cod

Growing up on the south shore of MA, I'm no stranger to the Cape. If you're not from Mass you may not realize that we don't call it Cape Cod up here, we call it "the Cape". That's it. If you say Cape Cod people just look at you funny or automatically assume you're a tourist. My blog title today is from an old Patty Page song that I used to LOVE when I was little, but my favorite version was by Bette Midler. I used to play it on my mom's record player over and over again. I know, I'm aging myself talking about record players...

Last week I spent eight glorious days down in Dennisport at a friend's Cape house. It was complete and utter relaxation mixed in with copious amounts of booze and food. On Saturday afternoon B and I packed up the car and set off down the highway expecting to hit major Cape traffic. Luckily it was smooth sailing all the way down. We stopped just before the bridge to do some food shopping. We were staying with 2 other couples so the plan was to stock up and eat at the house as much as possible to save money. Well over $200 later we rolled out of Stop & Shop with a full cart....

Next stop was the liquor store where I picked up some Redbridge and a bottle of Moscato, currently our favorite wine. Captains and Diet Coke and Twisted Teas for B. Sounds like a lot but hey, we like to party and what better time than vacation?? Plus of course we were going to share.

Our friends B and K had already arrived when we got there and R and L were not far behind. R and L brought their two dogs as well which was a lot of fun. Morgan is a big fan of fetch so B got right down to playing.

The week was filled with nights of this:

And this:

A little of this:

(not my cigarettes, I was the only non-smoker in the group!)

And the days were filled with fun activities. Monday my sister, brother-in-law, niece, brother, and brother's girlfriend all came down. B's sister, two of her friends and all their kids came down as well. We spent the whole day at the beach. It was awesome.


Wednesday B's Dad, Step-Mom, and Step-Sister came down and all of us went kayaking together. Definitely a highlight of the trip. I absolutely love kayaking. We just forgot to check the tides and the ride back was against the outgoing tide. It was a struggle but we did it!


Later that night we went out for dinner for L's 30th birthday! It was awesome. They didn't have a GF menu but I got steak and veggies. Delicious!


Friday was overcast so we just kind of hung out and didn't do much. I took a drive to a GF sandwich shop called Idgy's that I had heard about and picked up some cookies. They were very good (vegan too!).

But all week all I talked about was going to Chatham Fish & Lobster Co. for gluten free fried seafood. Friday night we finally went. I've been waiting for this for a LONG time!! I ordered the Fisherman's platter saying that I'd "share" it with B. He has a few of the clams but I took down the rest. It was awesome.

After dinner it was time for mini golf, where I made a new friend

Saturday was spent cleaning the house, doing laundry and packing up to go home. I was smart and took Monday off so I had all day Sunday and Monday to rest and get ready to go back to work.

I have to send a shoutout to my friends because everyone was so good about making sure I had food to eat and drinks to drink. They kept my meats separate from the gluten filled marinades, cooked them on separate parts of the grill. Everyone was so great about it, I felt safe and healthy (aside from some mild hangovers) all week. We're already planning to go back next year. I can't wait!!


Kathleen said…
YUM! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try the fish and chips, seafood platta (said like a true Bostonian that I am too!) and the onion rings! I'm seriously thinking about jumping on 495 South now!

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