Monday, December 19, 2011

Sugar Overload


This weekend was the first half of Christmas celebrations with the family. My task was to make meatballs and a dessert for my family's Christmas Party on Saturday. I have made meatballs before and they were awesome, but this time I strayed from Carol Fenster and found a random recipe online. I had to triple the recipe and I'm terrible at adjusting things... and well, I wound up with two trays of sawdust. Two hours before I was supposed to go home for the party.

The night before, I made the cake that was supposed to be dessert. I used a Gluten Free Pantry box mix. I checked it with a toothpick when it was supposed to be done and the toothpick came out clean so I took it out of the oven to cool. Lo and behold, it fell in the middle and it wasn't cooked all the way. Fail. Fail. Fail. So I frosted it anyway and decided to just keep it for myself.

On my way down to Plymouth I stopped at Stop & Shop and picked up pre-made meatballs and a cookie cake. Neither of which I can eat, but what are you going to do? Fortunately there were plenty of other dishes to choose from. My cousin made sausage, peppers, onions and potatoes in the crock pot, that was my favorite dish of the night! I also had keilbasa, salad, potato salad, ham, and I brought my cake to have for dessert.

Sunday afternoon was a family party with B's step-mother's family. It was a lot of fun and we went home with a plate of desserts and his new Patriots sweatshirt from the Yankee Swap. We decided it was going to be a night of indulgence, so I broke out the rest of my sad little cake and some more frosting, since most if it peeled off with the tin foil..  I didn't eat much more of it, and had to throw away the rest. I have been eating so much junk food!! I am looking forward to cleaning it up after the holidays! I think I've gained about 10 pounds... YUCK!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I've officially given up on trying to "be good" about eating healthy until Christmas is over. I'm just going to relax and enjoy the next couple of weeks. I couldn't help but notice these cookies on the shelf at the grocery store and they were on sale for a great price so I grabbed a box. They are so delicious! I love Mi-Del ginger snaps so I knew I'd love these too. And I did. Over a span of about 2 days. Whatever.

On a healthier note, we are doing very well with grocery shopping and eating more meals at home. This week B made a delicious dinner for us - chicken breast stuffed with spinach, tomato pesto and goat cheese, breaded in gf bread crumbs, cooked on the stove top in a little oil for a few minutes then baked. It was so so so good. Surprisingly I tolerate goat cheese quite well. I don't eat a lot of it, mostly because it's so expensive, but I do really enjoy it. This meal tastes a little bit like pizza, I said it was the closest thing to real pizza I've had in years. I can't wait until we have this again.

Last night I made mustard breaded porkchops with broccoli and sweet potatoes. Delicious as usual. I keep forgetting to take photos so I can write proper posts, but I'll get back into the swing of things soon. This weekend is my niece's 2nd birthday party and we also have a couple of Christmas parties to go to. I'm making the meatballs for my family party on Saturday. I'm making fudge for my work Secret Santa. Lots of cooking to do this week!! Hopefully I won't forget the photos!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hug a Crohnie Today!

This week is Crohn's and Colitis awareness week. Last week I got an email from my buddy Adam over at letting me know that he had nominated me for a Liebster Award. How awesome! I thought this week would be a great time to showcase some Crohn's/Colitis people here since this blog is typically focused on Celiac as it's specific to the GF diet. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in May of 2008 and am lucky to have it under control and have been med free for two years. I credit the GF/DF diet first and foremost for my success. There are many people out there struggling with these diseases and the same treatment that works for some definitely doesn't work for others. The following quote was floating around Facebook a while ago and it really hit home. Crohn's and Colitis are not the kinds of disease that you can easily see. People that appear otherwise quite healthy may actually be struggling with these issues every day. It's a difficult, everyday, lifelong battle that we fight and a little compassion goes a long way.

It's hard to explain to someone who has no clue. It's a daily struggle being in pain or feeling sick on the inside while you look fine on the outside! Please put this as your status for at least 1 hour if you or someone you know has an invisible illness (PTSD, Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression, Diabetes, LUPUS, UC, Fibromyalgia, MS, ME, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Heart Disease, Epilepsy, Autism, M.D.,injury... etc.). "Never judge what you don't understand."

I can't even begin to express my gratitude for all of the people in my life that have supported me throughout this journey. I never would've made it this far without my family and friends.  As far as passing on the Leibster, I realize that some of these people may have already received this award, and I'm not passing this on as an obligation to them to then pass it along to others. I just wanted to recognize a few people that I've connected with through this journey and would like to give a shout out to say THANKS for supporting me and for working hard to support others fighting this battle. So, without further ado...

First I have to send this right back to Adam, the founder of which is an awesome site where people from all over the world share their stories and support each other in the fight against ulcerative colitis (and other IBDs). Adam is always there commenting on peoples' posts, sharing them to other UCers, posting awesome videos all the time, and always being totally open about his own journey. He's also a follower of the SCD diet which I do believe is a great tool in helping to heal Crohn's/Colitis. He's also just an awesome guy!

Of course I have to send this next one out to my friend Jason Leitman, the founder/creator of the website Crohn's Disease Support Network. I joined the CDSN in it's infancy and got to know and become friends with Jason. He's such an awesome guy and has built a really great support network for Crohn's sufferers. Today the site has grown to over 1400 members! Jason has had a long and difficult battle with Crohn's and other related health problems but continues to be larger than life in his efforts to help those that are struggling. I have a ton of respect for him and am praying that he gets back to the healthy life that he deserves.

And last but certainly not least is Kat of She is also an SCDer and is one of the first SCD bloggers I found after the Crohn's diagnosis. Kat has a story similar to mine, a long life of digestive issues followed by many doctors visits and few answers. Through her own research and with the help of a naturopath, she found the SCD and has never looked back. I always find her blog interesting and inspiring.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I swear this blog is not going to become All About Roddy - All Day, Every Day! kind of blog, but I'm such a proud mama!! I love my little guy! I never thought I'd ever become a "dog person" but I totally am. How can you not just adore this face??

We took him to the dog park yesterday. He's not big on hanging out with other dogs, but he loves to meet all the other dog owners at the park, he said hi to everyone. We met up with B's co-worker and her BF and their greyhound Jax, they got along great.

After about an hour at the park and a few sprints around the perimeter, Roddy was toast and ready to go back home where he crashed on his blanket in the living room for the rest of the afternoon.

He's just the best, so sweet and fun to be around. He was having some tummy troubles ever since we got him, figures two people with sensitive stomachs would adopt a dog that is also notorious for tummy troubles. We had to take him to the vet on Saturday morning when things started to get worse. She was so nice, she took Roddy in without an appointment and went ahead and started treatment for worms and/or bacteria and sent B home with a bag of prescription diet dog food. I'm so happy to say that he's already doing so much better. We're lucky to have a vet right in our neighborhood. She drove past me this morning on our morning walk and stopped to say hi and let me know that the tests were both negative for worms/bacteria and she thinks his troubles were from the stress of the move and adjusting to the new situation. I was so happy to hear it!!

On a food note: last night I made one of my favorites, Carol Fenster's meatloaf from her 1,000 GF Recipes cookbook. It was a hit, B enjoyed it and said it was great re-heated today too. Yay!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coughing, aching, sneezing, runny nose... blech

This is my life today. Tylenol and Halls. I've been fighting a cold all week and today it got so much worse. Last night we tried letting Roddy sleep in our room instead of his crate... silly dog kept me awake all night. He was fine mostly but he did get up at 3am to go out... still having some tummy troubles. Thankfully B took him out. When he got back I was clearly miserable and he said I should call in to work, but I just had too much to do today including an online seminar I had to present. Well wouldn't you know it, the seminar ended up not happening. I should've stayed home. I went to Whole Foods at lunch for some good old fashioned chicken rice soup. What's better than that when you're sick?

Caption on the cup: "Your day just got a whole lot better" So true!

I love crushing up Glutino crackers into my soup. So comforting. I also got a bunch of Glutino coupons so this box was FREE! Gotta love that. I'm just exhausted. I can't wait to get home and veg out on the couch for the night.