I swear this blog is not going to become All About Roddy - All Day, Every Day! kind of blog, but I'm such a proud mama!! I love my little guy! I never thought I'd ever become a "dog person" but I totally am. How can you not just adore this face??

We took him to the dog park yesterday. He's not big on hanging out with other dogs, but he loves to meet all the other dog owners at the park, he said hi to everyone. We met up with B's co-worker and her BF and their greyhound Jax, they got along great.

After about an hour at the park and a few sprints around the perimeter, Roddy was toast and ready to go back home where he crashed on his blanket in the living room for the rest of the afternoon.

He's just the best, so sweet and fun to be around. He was having some tummy troubles ever since we got him, figures two people with sensitive stomachs would adopt a dog that is also notorious for tummy troubles. We had to take him to the vet on Saturday morning when things started to get worse. She was so nice, she took Roddy in without an appointment and went ahead and started treatment for worms and/or bacteria and sent B home with a bag of prescription diet dog food. I'm so happy to say that he's already doing so much better. We're lucky to have a vet right in our neighborhood. She drove past me this morning on our morning walk and stopped to say hi and let me know that the tests were both negative for worms/bacteria and she thinks his troubles were from the stress of the move and adjusting to the new situation. I was so happy to hear it!!

On a food note: last night I made one of my favorites, Carol Fenster's meatloaf from her 1,000 GF Recipes cookbook. It was a hit, B enjoyed it and said it was great re-heated today too. Yay!


Kendra said…
He is pretty cute! I just wanted to warn you, in case you didn't know already, greyhounds are sight dogs and if you let them off the leash in an unfenced area, they could possibly see a small animal (i.e. squirrel, etc) and chase after it. They are not able to smell their way home like typical dogs, so then could possibly be lost! There have been times ours got out the door and ran off after something and we had to search the neighborhood for them. It's scary!
Jen said…
Thanks for the tip, we have been warned about this over and over and only let him off leash in the fenced in dog park. I imagine we'll have this frightening experience at some point, but we're trying our best to avoid it!!
Allie said…
hey jen! hope you're doing well in your new place! and you got a dog! so exciting :) he's so cute!
Anonymous said…
He is cute! We adopted a greyhound when I was a child. They are so graceful and sweet. It's like they understand you saved their lives.

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