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I know, I know, I promised weeks ago on Twitter that I'd post a beer review. It's in my drafts. I'm still working on it. I need to drink more beer first. In the meantime, let's reflect. I'm about to close down my 4th year of blogging. The posts are few and far between these days and I often think about just shutting it down. Well, I wouldn't shut it down completely because I do still get quite a bit of traffic on this site from google searches related to gluten/dairy/crohn's/celiac/misophonia, etc. And sometimes I suddenly get a burst of inspiration to start writing again, but I tell you, it wanes very quickly. I'm kind of bored with talking about the diet. It's not a diet. It's a way of life. Four years in and I still struggle with it so much. It's ridiculous too because EVERYONE around me is so supportive, I'm my own worst enemy. Anyway, this is not a pity post. I wanted to share my fabulous weekend where B and I celebrated our first year of dating. Woah, a whole year?! Yup. Unreal...

In the past year we met, we fell in love, we moved in together, we got a dog... it's been a whirlwind! Last Tuesday on Valentine's Day we celebrated our actual anniversary. B had planned a whole weekend of events, so I surprised him with a romantic dinner on the actual day. I made one of his favorites and mine - Carol Fenster's meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn.

Photo Feb 14, 7 31 01 PM

Saturday we started our weekend off having a drink at Jacob Wirth.

Photo Feb 18, 1 17 39 PM

Then it was off to the Strand Theater to see The Addams Family musical. It was awesome, we all enjoyed it so much. I loved it! I'm such a musical theater geek... it was such a great idea and it was all B's.

jen and bill

After that we avoided the crowds and snuck over to my favorite spot in the theater district - Sweetwater Tavern - for more drinks and conversation.

bar 1

Our friends were nice enough to drive us over to the Marriott at Long Wharf where we were going to stay the night -ooooh fancy.

After checking in and dropping off our stuff, we made our way over to Nebo. I had posted on Twitter that we were going to Marco, but that plan didn't work out and Nebo was my second choice. I knew they have an extensive GF menu so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately I'm a moron and ordered a chicken dish that did not involve GF pasta or GF pizza crust.. what was I thinking? I wasn't. The chicken was good but a giant bowl of pasta would've been better. I also took no pictures.. I just didn't want to be that blogger girl at the restaurant.

Once dinner was done we walked back to the hotel and on the way B caught a sign out of the corner of his eye and decided we needed to investigate. He had seen the sign for Lulu's Sweet Shoppe and he figured they MUST have something I could eat. He's so good about just speaking up and asking if places have GF options, you'd think after four years I'd be a pro at this, but I'm terrible at it. I think it's the fear of rejection that gets me. It's disappointing. Luckily this time the girl said she had a flourless chocolate cookie and that she's fed it to her Celiac friend, and lo and behold the friend survived, so of course, I had to have one too. I don't know if you've picked up on this or not after reading this blog... but chocolate is my favorite. He also asked if they had any chocolate covered strawberries and the ladies were nice enough to make us some right then.

Soon after we got back to the hotel, there was a knock on the door from room service. B surprised me with a bottle of champagne and the front desk surprised us both with chocolate covered strawberries. Good thing we love them, now we had a double order! It was so nice.

Photo Feb 18, 10 51 39 PM

Photo Feb 18, 9 29 27 PM

The next day we had a lazy morning.. I ordered room service and managed to spill a glass of OJ all over the bed... oops.

Photo Feb 19, 10 04 05 AM

We had an awesome time and we definitely need to have date nights more often. We spend so much time at home and we always invite people over our place which is great, but a night on the town is definitely in order every now and then.

Photo Feb 18, 9 19 17 PM


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