Paleo(ish) - Round Two


Ok so this photo does not really show a completely Paleo meal, with white potatoes and earth balance and barbeque sauce out of a bottle, but there are no grains in this photo so it's a good start. I've decided to give the Paleo diet another shot for a few reasons. One - I need to lose weight! and Two - I need to get my stomach back on track. I had great success with it last year and both Bill and I want to cut way back on the grain intake and eat a cleaner diet. Paleo is right up my alley with the gluten/dairy issues so it just makes sense. The good news is I got my blood work results back yesterday and everything is perfect. I am very happy about that. My B12 level is off the charts which I guess is ok, but I also had an injection right before they drew my blood so that may have been a little inaccurate. Because of that, I don't have to do injections anymore, yay!

That delicious looking pulled pork up there is from Everyday Paleo and it was really good and so easy, another crock pot gem. I'm pinning away as many Paleo meals as I can and also good Paleo websites. I've also joined SparkPeople to help keep me accountable during the transition. The plan again is to make this a lifestyle change, not just a diet to lose a few pounds. At first I joined SP thinking that I would start counting calories again, but I quickly realized after spending some time on that site that this is a major trigger for me and the negative thoughts about weight and food started creeping back in. However, there is a Paleo group there so I thought I'd stick around to get some support from those people. It's a free site anyway, not losing anything there. I just can't do the whole calorie counting, stepping on the scale thing. It quickly turns into an obsession. Bill is hell bent on buying a scale (I threw mine away, remember?) and I've asked him not to, or at least if he has to, to put it somewhere where I can't see it. People that haven't experienced disordered behavior cannot understand where we are coming from. He really wants to get a scale to track his progress. All I need are my clothes, they will tell me if I am getting smaller when they start getting too big.

The plan is to eat as clean as possible. I'm not necessarily following the most strict Paleo rules. I do plan to continue to eat white potatoes, but I'm trying to avoid them in fried form. I also might sneak in some goat cheese here and there, and I absolutely am not giving up sweet treats, I'm just keeping them to the bare minimum. So stay tuned, and if you have some good Paleo resources, tips, tricks, etc, I'd be glad to hear them!!


Nina said…
I'm totally with you about the scale! It just gives you something to focus (obsess) on, without really being a good indicator of how healthy you are. I'm all for being aware of how you feel being a measure of success :)
Allie said…
hi Jen!! :)

that meal looks DELISH... would love to hear more about your paleo recipes.

hope you're well!!


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