Calorie counting is going well so far, it really helps that B is doing it with me. If he wasn't, I probably already would've given up. But we bought a scale (remember when I threw mine away?) and I'm weighing myself only once a week. Otherwise I become a raging lunatic and eating disorder behavior ensues (hello binge eating and food hiding!). In my first week I've lost about 5 lbs which I know is the typical week one bloat loss. The thing I like about MyFitnessPal is that when you complete your day it tells you "If every day were like today, you would weigh XXX pounds in 5 weeks!" When we had our cheat dinner on Sunday and I logged it all, it told me if every day was like today, I'd gain 4 lbs over the next 5 weeks. Really helped to shed some light on how I got this heavy! Not that I didn't know... but it really spells it out for you. I've been getting my workouts in using the WOD Genius app which provides customized crossfit style workouts. I love it, they can be very challenging if you push yourself. You also can get rather easy workouts like the one I did on Sunday. I was lazy...


The rest of the weekend was pretty decent. My friend's nephew was in the playoffs with his high school varsity soccer team. He plays sometimes with B on his indoor soccer team so we wanted to go out and support him. Friday night they fought into overtime to win 3-2. Unfortunately Sunday they lost 2-1 but it was a lot of fun to go and watch. We even made some signs for him:


Weekend mornings are when B takes Roddy to the dog park and he is most definitely a creature of habit. He loves to go to the park and when B went to the gym first on Sunday morning Roddy was very sad. B came home from the gym to take a shower and there Roddy sat, at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for him to come back down and take him out.


He is the funniest dog. Off they went to the park and he was very happy.

Yesterday I had the day off so I got a bunch of laundry and cleaning done then went over to my friend's house to have a Twilight marathon before we go see the last Breaking Dawn when it comes out. Yes, we are 30-something year old women that love Twilight! Unfortunately, I could feel I was coming down with a cold, I had a scratchy throat and by the end of the first movie my nose started running really bad, so I had to cut the marathon short and head home. Today I'm at work, but my nose is a faucet and I can't stop sneezing. I feel bad for the guy sitting in front of me. Hopefully it will move quickly, lots of fluids and healthy foods! That's all for now, see ya later!


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