Big News....



Can you believe it?? Neither can I!! I'm sooooooo excited. Although not entirely surprised... you see B is not exactly the best keeper of secrets. Not that I'm complaining, a man that can't lie?? Perfect. But when he started throwing out random marriage related questions a few weeks ago I started getting the hint. And then he took my car for the day and accidentally left my Dad's work address in my car. I found it on Thanksgiving and although I had been trying to keep my suspicions quiet, I couldn't help it. When I asked him about the address he caved and admitted he'd been shopping and went to ask my Dad's permission(!). I was SO excited, but then he tried to put me off and make me wait for the actual proposal. I've always been an "I want it NOW" kind of person and first thing in the morning on Black Friday you bet your ass I was online pinning away into my secret "My Wedding!!!!" board. And calling my sister to tell her. But I couldn't tell anyone else! I couldn't openly talk about planning or getting engaged or ANYTHING and by Sunday I was so depressed. 

My Mom called me to talk about venues and after we hung up I just sat there and cried. B couldn't understand why I was so upset and I told him "You're not a girl! You would never be able to understand what I'm feeling right now! I'm so excited and happy and I want to TELL THE WORLD!!" So we agreed later that day that when he actually picked up the ring from the jeweler, we'd go to dinner and make it official. He was upset that he'd ruined the surprise and wanted to make it special for me.

The very next day, after his lunch break, he emailed me at work to say "How do you feel about going for sushi tonight?" which I knew was code word for I've got the ring.... and I almost fell out of my chair with excitement. But later in the day he tried to throw me off by talking about going to the gym, and telling me not to get my hopes up. I was so MAD at him for messing with my head!! But I knew that he was just trying as hard as he could to make a last ditch effort to surprise me.

On the way home he called to say that the gym was out of the question and that we had 7 o'clock reservations at the sushi restaurant. So we go and we're sitting up at the sushi bar and we're waiting for our food and the waiter comes up to me with the restaurant phone in his hand and he's trying to tell me in broken English that it's for me. I am SO confused, but I take the phone anyway, and on the other end is B's 10 (11?) year old niece and she says "I was just wondering if you want to be my Aunt?" Oh. My. Gosh.... how cute is that??? I cried a little and said "Of course I would love to be your Aunt!!" and as I'm talking to her B is pulling out the ring and putting it on for me. I wish I could say that there was big fanfare at the restaurant like in the movies, but I don't think a single other person in the restaurant even noticed, and the staff didn't speak English so it was just between us. I couldn't stop staring at the new sparkly on my hand! I love it. 

We left the restaurant and I called all of our family members to spread the good news. It was so much fun. Then it was back to the internet to look at venues and Pinterest and Wedding Bee and The Knot... it never ends. I can't stop myself! I'm insane! Today I got the contracts for the venue that we've chosen, or rather that my Mom and I have chosen, B was not all that interested in venue shopping with us. I'm very excited to have that big get out of the way so I can focus on the details. 


We have less than a year and a half to go before the big day so I have plenty of time to make it my dream day. (I mean OUR dream day.... right, ours, yeah) You wait your whole life for this and then all of a sudden it's here and it doesn't feel real and you catch a glance at the ring that says IT'S FOR REAL and it's so exciting. I don't want to rush the next 15 months, but at the same time, I can't wait for the big day!!!!


Jennifer said…
I love it! The ring is beautiful and you sound so stinkin' excited!! Yay!!
Liz said…
Oh Jen!!!! What a sweet story; the fact that his niece called!? I teared up. I am SO happy for you. You're going to be a gorgeous bride and have (already do have!) a wonderful life together. Marriage just makes it even more awesome. Big, big hugs.
Angela King said…
The phone in that pic makes so much more sense now! Ha!! Great story. I'm so happy for you! And such a great proposal.

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