In celebration of Cider

After going GF, I started to turn to hard cider since beer was no longer an option. Of course there are a few GF beers on the market, but honestly, after giving up the beers I love, I don't particularly care for the GF versions either.

Back in 2008 there were very few ciders on the market and many of them were just disgusting. In the past year, all of a sudden, there have been a ton of new ciders on the shelves and they are so delicious. My current favorite is Angry Orchard, but I recently found a new one - Hornsby's and I love that one too.

I received an email the other day about this graphic that covers the history of cider and I thought it was pretty cool so I figured I'd share. What's your favorite GF adult beverage??

Cider Infographic
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Jennifer said…
I love infographics.
After the celiac, I just started drinking a lot of wine.
CED said…
I'm not a heavy drinker but when I do it's wine. I'm experimenting with red since I'm primarily a white wine drinker. As for cider, I do enjoy Woodchuck Draft Cider from VT.
Angela King said…
I'm not certain I could drink a whole beer if my life depended on it. Childhood issues! lol.

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