Boston Strong


Boston and surrounding towns are locked down right now while authorities try to find the second suspect in the marathon bombings. The events of this week have been incredibly sad. I've tried to keep my head clear of it since thankfully none of my friends or family have been impacted, but it just starts to weigh on you. It's everywhere, you can't avoid it. It wasn't until I was listening to President Obama speak of the three people that did not survive the bombs that I finally broke down in tears. I could not believe it this morning when I woke up to find that another man had been killed and that so much had happened overnight. I hope they catch the younger brother soon. I can't stand knowing he's running loose in Massachusetts. I'll be avoiding posting anything here until this ordeal is over. I just can't think about food right now. My friend and former roommate lives in Watertown where all of this madness is happening right now. She is getting married tomorrow and I just hope this isn't ruining any of her plans. Of course I'm also worried for her and her fiance's safety but right now they are just sitting at home on lock down. I hope tomorrow can be a little escape from all of this and we can celebrate and eat (she has gf options, yay!!) and drink and dance the night away! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. The support from around the country has been incredible. We are Boston and we are STRONG and we won't rest until this is OVER!!


Kim said…
((HUGS)) for your and your friends! I pray that they get this guy so she can go through with her plans tomorrow.


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