Full Disclosure

Whenever I'm thinking of eating something I shouldn't, the thought "would you post that on the blog?" always pops into my head. Usually I just push that thought right out of the way and go on with my indulgence. Since I'm still struggling to get back on track, I thought why not use that as a tool to push me to STOP eating things I'm not supposed to eat! So with that, I decided to go with a Full Disclosure policy on the blog. Everything I eat is going up. I'm shaming myself into eating properly. Now when I find myself thinking of eating something that's bad for my health, I will ask myself "Is it really worth it?" and no matter what, it'll be posted here.

This morning started off with a lame attempt at DDP Yoga - Energy workout. I was tired, and my knees hurt, and I just wasn't into it. Plus I had takeout and frozen yogurt last night which I'm sure contributed to my exhaustion. After yoga I made breakfast. The usual for this week - two eggs over easy, chicken and apple sausage, sauteed with baby spinach.


I forgot to grab a snack for mid-morning and by 11am I was starving. I wanted so badly to go to the vending machine and get a package of mini chips ahoy cookies. SO BADLY!! I resisted. By 1pm I was losing my mind but thankfully it was finally time for lunch. I had chicken salad on a Rudi's wrap with baby spinach and a side of leftover mashed potatoes.


While I was in the kitchen getting my lunch out of the fridge, I saw a tupperware container with a note on top...


I would have been LIVID if someone ate half of my lunch and put it back in the fridge. I wonder who's lunch this is though, it would be nice to have a GF buddy on my floor.

I made it through the afternoon without getting hungry again which is good because I had to go grocery shopping on my way home. And after that I grabbed some sushi for us. Spicy tuna and a specialty roll for me. So delicious.


And for dessert:


I would say that's not a terrible day, right? The only thing I ate that had gluten is the soy sauce that came with the sushi. I didn't have any gf soy sauce left in the house. Oh well. It's a step in the right direction! On to tomorrow!


Jennifer said…
Whoa! It's incredibly rude to steal someone's lunch, but you absolutely do NOT eat a GF person's lunch! I would be livid as well. I'm fairly sure I'd cause a scene. Then invest in a locking lunch bag, haha.

What do you usually eat for mid-morning snack?
Jen said…
I KNOW!! I am thinking about getting a locking bag myself..

My go to snack is a banana with almond or peanut butter. I'm in need of other options though.

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