Marathon Monday

If I had written this post as planned this morning, it would be a very different post. Unfortunately, now it's taking a sad turn as we reflect on the events today at the Boston Marathon. I have witness a handful of friends cross the finish line over the years, most recently, my former roommate just a couple of years ago. My cousin and I waited right in the spot where the bombs went off today to see her finish the race. I can't even imagine being there today. Marathon Monday is usually such a fun day here in Boston and this is just incredibly tragic.

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The thing that I keep seeing on the news that gives me hope is all of the people that stayed to help after the bombs went off. It is so wonderful to see how people will pull together.

On a lighter note...

This weekend was very low key. B had been traveling for work for two weeks and just wanted to relax and that's exactly what we did. We made dinner for friends on Saturday night. This is the second time I've made this recipe that I found on Pinterest but I have yet to take a picture for you guys. It's pretty delicious though!

On the side I made red bliss garlic mashed potatoes, and sauteed zucchini and summer squash. So yummy.

Sunday I got up and did my DDP Yoga while B took Roddy to the park. Then it was a long afternoon of being lazy and watching movies/tv. Even Roddy was into it.


And checking up on blogs/twitter/facebook...


Today started my first week of working from home on Mondays. In the morning it was really exciting, I got to take my time doing my yoga, getting ready, walking the dog and making breakfast.

Two eggs over easy, Aidell's chicken and apple sausage sauteed with baby spinach. My go-to breakfast.

The thing I was most excited for was being able to do the laundry while working instead of doing it on the weekends. Then I spent the first half of the day working away. At lunch time B had asked me to go to the bank for him. So I did, because I completely forgot that it's a holiday here and the banks are closed. Then I drove around figuring out what to have for lunch. I ended up back at home with chicken salad on a Rudi's plain wrap with baby spinach and tomato. I also had a little bit of leftover mashed potatoes.


Then it was more work, more laundry and realizing the working at home is kinda boring and lonely. But waking up on Monday after the weekend and knowing you don't have to put on work clothes and go to the office is still pretty sweet. I definitely need to get some sort of desk setup. Working from the couch is just not going to be good. 

Along with DDP Yoga comes a nutrition guide. It's not far from what I already eat so I'll be trying to stick to that protocol for awhile. It's basically a balanced diet of the right kind of carbs, protein, healthy fats, no gluten, no dairy. You know the drill. Ok, that's all for now. Still can't stop thinking about the bombings today and my thoughts and prayers are going out to the victims and their families. It's just unbelievable. 


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