When in doubt, eat bacon!

yes I drink my OJ in a wine glass.. I like to keep it classy

I FINALLY upgraded my old 3GS iPhone to a 4S and I am loving it!!! My old phone was sooooo slow, everything was broken, the screen was all messed up from that time I threw it across the room, the volume button had fallen out, it was just a mess. I tried putting it off as long as possible but I'm so glad I finally just did it. The best thing about the new phone is the camera! I have to admit, one of the biggest reasons I never blog anymore is because I have no photos to add to my posts and I hate posting without photos. But I don't have the time or patience to break out my real camera anymore and the photo quality of the old phone was embarrassing. This phone takes awesome pictures and I've found a couple of camera apps that make the pics even better. This one was taken this morning in low light with no post processing and I love it.

My breakfast just about every day includes eggs over easy and bacon. Should I be eating bacon every day? Probably not, but whatever. I also have a little bit of OJ if there is any in the house. I drink mostly water all day every day and it's nice to change it up a bit in the morning. B and I have started yet another weight loss journey but we're taking it seriously this time. I have yet to try on a single wedding dress and refuse to until I've taken off a few of the many pounds I've gained over the past year. He doesn't have much to lose but he just wants to tighten up and get in better shape. We're logging, tracking, photographing, weighing, measuring, doing it for real.

I've started going DDP Yoga in the mornings and I'm loving it, I also go to zumba once a week and we started going to a pickup volleyball league on Friday evenings. I'm hoping as the weather warms up we'll be able to start hiking the Blue Hills more often which is something we really enjoy as does Roddy because he gets to go with us!

Best dog ever..

As far as what I'm eating, I'm trying to keep away from the gf alternatives and stick with meats, veggies, fruits, eggs, fish, etc. Keep it clean. I do have Rudi's wraps in the freezer for the occasional tuna or roast beef sandwich. And I eat a lot of bacon. It's Paleo, right?

On a side note - I need to do some blog housekeeping. 1. I need to find a great blog reader since Google is getting rid of theirs soon and 2. I need some fresh material to add to this new reader. What great blogs do you read? GF blogs, general healthy eating blogs, funny blogs, just interesting reads? What do you use for a blog reader? I want to hear about it!!


bloglovin! I just switched over to it last week and already love it!
Kim said…
I second bloglovin'! Easy to set up and read.

Good to see you!

Chrissy said…
For a blog to read, I highly recommend TheBloggess (http://thebloggess.com/). Warning - not suitable for the easily offended. ;-)
Jennifer said…
Mmmm bacon.
If you find a reader you love, please share! I'm sad to be losing it. I like to read Young House Love and A Cup of Jo...
Angela King said…
I have about 300 blogs I could suggest! Ha! and I love bacon just as much as the next girl but I've been eating turkey bacon like it's going out of style. So good.
Lauren said…
Hola Prima! I am so excited to see you are blogging again :) If you want some company on your blue hills hikes, give me a call! We are trying to make an effort to go more often this spring! Love you!

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