Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gluten Free Chicken Stir Fry

I'm LOVING the Barilla Gluten Free pasta. It is so freaking good. I tried a new recipe last night so I could have some more of it. Next time I think I'm buying spaghetti. I haven't had spaghetti and meatballs in AGES. It's time. Last night's dish was a Pinterest find, as usual. It was called Chicken Yakisoba, but I just am calling it stir fry. Do you like to see the Pinterest image compared to the real life results? I do, so I'm going to keep writing my posts that way.

Here is the Pinterest image (click the photo to go to the original image/website):


And here is mine:


Pardon the terrible iPhone pic in my dimly lit kitchen. I tried to salvage it but I don't have Photoshop anymore and am using Aviary in Flickr for now. I used whatever vegetables I had in the fridge - a green pepper that was on it's last leg, yellow onion, garlic. I used ground ginger because I had no fresh on hand. It came out pretty good. I have yet to replicate the true flavor of Chinese food at home but I'm working on it. I had sesame oil on hand but it is so strong and the last time I used it I put way too much in and it ruined the dish. I decided not to risk it this time. I did however add red pepper flakes and it added a nice kick. Bill hates spicy food but he was having leftover chicken tacos so I went for it. I do not have Sriracha but I've wanted to try it.

Here is my version of this recipe:

Gluten Free Chicken Stir Fry


4 oz dry GF Pasta of choice, I used Barilla, try it!!
2 Boneless Chicken Breasts cut into small strips
1 Green Pepper, chopped
1 Yellow Onion, chopped
2 cloves of Garlic, minced

1/4 cup GF Soy Sauce (San-J Tamari)
1/4 cup Worcestershire Sauce (French's)
2 Tbs Ketchup
1 Tbs Sugar
Ground Ginger
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes


Put the water on to boil for the pasta first. Depending on what type of GF pasta you're using, it might take the longest to cook. Barilla only takes 7 minutes so I put the water on to boil, and dropped the pasta in right before I put the chicken in the pan.

Before you start cooking the chicken, mix up the sauce in a bowl, slice the chicken, chop the vegetables. This dish comes together quickly so you want to have everything prepped and ready to go.

When everything is set, heat some oil of your choice in a large skillet or sautee pan over medium-high heat. When it's hot, add the chicken and just barely cook through. If you cut the chicken thin enough, this happens quickly.

Add the peppers and onions and cook for just a couple minutes, then add the garlic and stir to combine. Pour in the sauce and stir, cooking for a few minutes. Drain the pasta and add it to the pan with the chicken and vegetables. Stir to combine, and viola, ready to serve!

I had the leftovers for lunch today and it was still delicious. Next time I'd be brave and add a tiny bit of sesame oil and add more vegetables. I'd also use long noodles instead of elbows but that's all I had in the kitchen. Traditional rice noodles would be great as well. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winning at Pinterest. If by winning, I mean losing.

I looooove Pinterest. Who doesn't love beautiful photos promising delicious recipes and stylish fashions and a gorgeous home? Not to mention the perfect rustic wedding, am I right? I have tons of boards, mostly of recipes that I want to try. Many of them are gluten and dairy filled recipes that I need to convert, but I have plenty of GF/DF/Paleo etc recipes pinned and ready to go. I've been trying to change up our repertoire at home so I've been turning to the boards for inspiration. Here are a couple of recipes I've tried this week:

1. Mock Alfredo Sauce

The beautiful Pinterest image...

And mine...

Wow what a major fail this was. The picture on pinterest makes it look so Alfredo like. Creamy and delicious. Well let me tell you, pureed cauliflower tastes like... pureed cauliflower. The texture was way too thick to pass for a creamy sauce no matter how many times I turned the food processor on full blast. Maybe one of those super powerful blenders would work better. I ended up adding some curry powder and other random spices to try to give it some more flavor. It didn't help. I do think this recipe could be tweaked to come out better, use milk instead of water, more butter, more seasoning. I moved it to my "Needs Tweaking" board.

2. M&M Peanut Butter Bars

Oh Pinterest, how you lure me in...

The gluten free/dairy free result...

I was so excited to try these M&M Peanut Butter Bars. But since I don't eat dairy, M&Ms were out (dark M&Ms have dairy too!) so I used dairy free chocolate chips instead. I used GF Bisquick for the baking mix. One other thing to note is that I used farm fresh eggs that are a bit smaller than store bought "large" eggs. These came out so DRY. Oh I was so disappointed. They tasted like peanut butter flavored dirt. That picture looks so moist and delicious. Again, I think some tweaking would help. Maybe another egg, and take them out of the oven earlier. I ended up throwing these out. Bummer.

Don't worry, I have plenty more recipes to share with you!! With any luck, maybe I'll find a good one.

On a perfectly picturesque rustic wedding related note, I'm getting married in 100 DAYS!! I'm at a loss for what I want to do for centerpieces. I really want to do something original.. I was going to do lanterns. Meh. Over done? Probably. I just don't know. Whatever it is, it needs to be cheap!! Off to the dollar store and Christmas Tree Shops!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Barilla Gluten Free Pasta, YES!!

photo (3)
Which one is gluten free?? Bill got it wrong, read on to find out if you did too!

I had no idea that Barilla even had a gluten free pasta in the works. I was checking out at the grocery store the other day, when a coupon printed for $1 off any box of Barilla Gluten Free pasta. I was like... whaaaaaat? The following week while shopping for the week, I actually stopped in the pasta aisle to take a look and there it was. Boxes and boxes of the stuff. Different shapes and everything. Only $1.99 per box and I had that $1 off coupon. I couldn't decide between elbows, penne, rotini or spaghetti. I'm partial to elbows, so I grabbed a box. It even looks like normal pasta through the little window on the front. It would be easy to confuse the boxes if you weren't paying attention!

Bill bought me an electric pressure cooker for Christmas and I've been loving it. It's so fast! I am a big fan of this sausage, tomatoes, peppers and onions recipe that I found online (I'll do another post about that later) and I wanted to try it over this pasta. It even cooks just like regular pasta, 7 minutes and it's done! I was thrilled with this pasta. It looks and tastes just like the real thing. It doesn't have that thing about it. I don't know how to describe that thing.. but Tinkyada has it. Don't get me wrong, Tinkyada has been my go to for years and I still have some in the cabinet, but it's obviously gluten free. This Barilla pasta is just awesome. And cheap! And easy! I don't eat a lot of pasta because I just haven't been a huge fan of the gluten free versions. Plus we try not to eat too much of the stuff anyway. But I do crave a nice pasta dish every once in awhile and I'm so happy to have this. One thing I did notice is that it does break down easily, but that's to be expected. The texture and flavor otherwise make up for it.

I hope they come out with lasagna noodles soon!!

As far as everything else goes, things are going well. I've recently been inspired to start blogging again. Maybe it's the freshness of the new year. And who knows how long it will last, but I need some kind of hobby. We only have 3.5 months left until the wedding, so that's exciting! Maybe I'll do some wedding posts. I haven't had much to say about it but now that we're getting down to the details I'll have more to share. I hope I still have some readers left!!