Winning at Pinterest. If by winning, I mean losing.

I looooove Pinterest. Who doesn't love beautiful photos promising delicious recipes and stylish fashions and a gorgeous home? Not to mention the perfect rustic wedding, am I right? I have tons of boards, mostly of recipes that I want to try. Many of them are gluten and dairy filled recipes that I need to convert, but I have plenty of GF/DF/Paleo etc recipes pinned and ready to go. I've been trying to change up our repertoire at home so I've been turning to the boards for inspiration. Here are a couple of recipes I've tried this week:

1. Mock Alfredo Sauce

The beautiful Pinterest image...

And mine...

Wow what a major fail this was. The picture on pinterest makes it look so Alfredo like. Creamy and delicious. Well let me tell you, pureed cauliflower tastes like... pureed cauliflower. The texture was way too thick to pass for a creamy sauce no matter how many times I turned the food processor on full blast. Maybe one of those super powerful blenders would work better. I ended up adding some curry powder and other random spices to try to give it some more flavor. It didn't help. I do think this recipe could be tweaked to come out better, use milk instead of water, more butter, more seasoning. I moved it to my "Needs Tweaking" board.

2. M&M Peanut Butter Bars

Oh Pinterest, how you lure me in...

The gluten free/dairy free result...

I was so excited to try these M&M Peanut Butter Bars. But since I don't eat dairy, M&Ms were out (dark M&Ms have dairy too!) so I used dairy free chocolate chips instead. I used GF Bisquick for the baking mix. One other thing to note is that I used farm fresh eggs that are a bit smaller than store bought "large" eggs. These came out so DRY. Oh I was so disappointed. They tasted like peanut butter flavored dirt. That picture looks so moist and delicious. Again, I think some tweaking would help. Maybe another egg, and take them out of the oven earlier. I ended up throwing these out. Bummer.

Don't worry, I have plenty more recipes to share with you!! With any luck, maybe I'll find a good one.

On a perfectly picturesque rustic wedding related note, I'm getting married in 100 DAYS!! I'm at a loss for what I want to do for centerpieces. I really want to do something original.. I was going to do lanterns. Meh. Over done? Probably. I just don't know. Whatever it is, it needs to be cheap!! Off to the dollar store and Christmas Tree Shops!!


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