The next phase of life.

This poor little neglected blog! I can't believe it still gets views, so thanks for stopping by! I thought it was high time I gave an update on what's been going on. Here we are in 2014 and I started January off strong with a few food posts but then dropped off the planet when life kicked into high gear. So what's been going on?? Let's recap!

In late January we were in full swing of wedding planning and had just a few months left before the big day, so what did we decide to do? Start house hunting! Because that makes a ton of sense... but we were tired of renting and ready to make the next move and so it began. Luckily it didn't take us long to find the perfect place for us and in mid March we signed the papers and got to moving. The same weekend that my amazing bridal party threw me a bridal shower!!


After the move and the shower it was weeks of unpacking and organizing and settling in. We love our home. But just as soon as we moved in it seems like it was time for the big day!! We had the most amazing wedding day. The weather was beautiful, the people were awesome, the love was everywhere. It was just incredible. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

We took just a few days off around the wedding festivities because we were planning to take our annual trip to the Cape later in the summer. After buying a house and throwing a wedding, a lavish honeymoon wasn't exactly in the budget, but we prefer to be closer to home and spending time with friends anyway so Dennis Port was the best option.

The rest of the spring was filled with fun weekends, another friend's wedding, many visits with friends and family. Then in June, well... this happened


YES!!! Finally!!!! After a year and half of a long road of trying, we are PREGNANT!!! I am 13w3d today and officially into the second trimester!! I'm feeling great, the first trimester was actually pretty easy for me. I haven't been sick really, just bloated, TIRED and oh my goodness the mood swings. I cry. A lot. 

The doctor has been amazing about frequent visits, blood work and early ultrasounds so that we can be sure this pregnancy is progressing well and so far we've been perfectly on target. The top picture was from 7 weeks, baby was measuring 2 days ahead of schedule and had a healthy heartbeat of 170 beats per minute. The second one is from 10 weeks, the picture is not very good quality because it wasn't a formal ultrasound. The doctor has an old machine that she uses to do a quick peek during the routine monthly visit. I also borrowed a doppler so that I can hear that little heartbeat thumping away any time I want and it's been such a great thing to have. I am very lucky to be feeling so good throughout this pregnancy but sometimes it gets a little unsettling and I worry that nothing is happening in there. A quick listen on the doppler puts my mind at ease. 

I had my latest monthly check in on Thursday and the nurse practitioner took a listen to the heartbeat and said it sounds perfect, no irregularities. We are not opting for any testing to check for markers of genetic issues or downs so these little check ins are all we have until the anatomy scan. I'll be just under 19 weeks when we have that ultrasound and I cannot wait!!! I'm counting the days. 

So yeah, a lot has happened this year and we are so happy with how everything has worked out. We are so very lucky to be so blessed. I'm also surrounded by close friends that are also expecting and that has been so much fun! My cousin who's 9 months younger than me and more like a sister to me is expecting her second child. We have gone through so many milestones together and to be going through this with her is just incredible. Oh yeah, I'm due mid February! Can't wait!!! 


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