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Almost five weeks ago my life changed in the most amazing way. My most perfect, handsome, sweet, adorable son Tully was born 2/5/15 at 6:05pm after 23 hours of labor. What an incredible experience. I'm finally coming out of the fog of new mommyhood and starting to feel like myself again. I'm on maternity leave for 7.5 more weeks, the first 4.5 flew by in a haze. Thankfully the temperature is rising, the record amount of snow is melting, and I'm finally able to get out of the house and re-join the real world.


I knew this would be the case, but Bill is the most incredible Dad. He's so in love with Tully and it's such a great thing to watch him with him. Roddy is not totally sold on him yet, this baby tends to hog all of our attention these days, but he's getting there. He'll appreciate him more when he's a little older and they can play.


My pregnancy was very easy and uneventful, as was labor and delivery. I'm already back to pre-pregnancy weight, which unfortunately is still about 40lbs overweight for me. I'm not stressing about that so much, but I am feeling this need to give myself somewhat of a makeover. I've been so wrapped up in being pregnant and now being a mom that I've let the sweatpants and ponytails take over. My hair is a heinous shade and hasn't been cut since before I found out I was pregnant. I'm a sad version of my former self and I need to get the girl that went on that first date four years ago back. I know Bill would like to see her again.

I'd love to kick this blog back up to document this time in my life too. I realize I have less time than ever before to devote to this, but I know it would be something I'd love to have to look back on. It also would be a great outlet for me. I also want to cook more, read more, I have all these lofty ambitions and yet I spend most of my time feeding/holding an infant! So worth it. How could you not want to stare at this face all day every day?!



Cindy said…
Happy to see you back and a big congratulations on your beautiful boy!

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